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Valid license, but cannot run BTB Pro

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Fooli, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I can't get BTB Pro to run any more - it tells me the trial period has expired, and I need to purchase a license. I already have a license, valid until the middle of 2010.

    I haven't run BTB for a while, but nothing I know about has changed here, hardware-wise.

    Last version I had - I don't know, but most likely from August 09.

    I tried patching to the latest version, using the latest license file downloaded from the BTB site. I get the same trial version error message.

    I have tried uninstalling BTB, and installing the full latest version, with the updated license file - I get the same trial version error message.

    OS: Windows XP SP3, all up to date with Windows Update, run as Admin, with up to date DX 9c. PC hardware is probably irrelevant, but is anyway plenty: 2Gb RAM, Nv8800gt.

    Help please :]
  2. I thought this was the place to make such support requests... if it isn't (and as it seems no-one has any suggestions for a fix) can anyone tell me how to contact Brendon or whoever can deal with a broken license issue?

  3. Look at image.

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  4. tried emailing him off his website?
  5. I got this same today. I just did the licensing thing and got a new license file within an hour. Deleted the old one, copied the new one in and btb works ok. No idea why the lisence needed to be redone though but that's what I'd suggest you to do too.
  6. Thanks Ghoults. Um.. remind me... what is the "licensing thing"? I have a vague memory of having to do something with hardwareid.txt but I can't remember exactly what, nor can I find any instructions on the site, here on in the install.
  7. Nm.. Brendan sorted it. Thanks for your help...