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Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Doug62, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Hi all.
    This is just something I'd been working on for some time now.
    It's basically a series structured for the community section of the mod only using the FG & VE models. There's 14 cars for each, 28 in all. All the liveries are retro makes of real liveries pre 2007 but not including back to 1999 for a Holden.
    Windows are done to reflect the current format so there are no numbers on the liveries themselves. This give you the ability to replace the windows with your own name and number.

    Your welcome the use any in your league skin packs, I just hope you would appreciate the work and give the correct credit for the liveries.

    Thanking Team ORSM for this mod and making this add-on possible.


    To install, Extract to rFactor.
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  2. Cheers Mate, thanks for sharing :)
  3. Woot nice! Thanks Doug :p
  4. thanks !!! its great to see older liverys on newer models !! although, i am a bit shocked to see the 2004 #51 car instead of the more popular 2003 #51 livery haha, very nice work though !!
  5. They look great Doug! Nice mix of designs too.
  6. awesome thanks.
  7. Nice!
  8. Absolutely fantastic liveries! Although I do think some liveries would've looked better on the old models. But great non the less :cool:
  9. Thank you all for your comments and for downloading it.

    xBillyGoat; Yes I had thought maybe the 2003 but I liked the Spiderman from 2004. Plus at the time I was doing that one the newest Spiderman was not long released on DVD. I was thinking of bringing it up to today using the new Spiderman branding but didn't like how the brand worked, or didn't work on the white bonnet so went with SM 2 that was the original one.

    Alex; If your saying the older liveries should be on the original models then yes I do agree. Unfortunately we don't that luxury. Besides that, For me, It's more of a challenge to put a livery on a car that it doesn't belong to and make it work then just a straight match. I would think you all have picked the changes that were made to get them to fit? Well those of you who paint these car or any, when trying to fit a livery on a car it's not designed for can be challenging. This is were I've most enjoyed doing all these.
    The thing with releasing them is to showcase the community section which by the way was well before the community skin pack was announced or even mentioned on a forum I visit, but also to have all the work not go unused. Wasted just sitting on my HD.

    There are many other liveries I'd like to do on the FG and VE from through the years and this gives them a place to be used and enjoyed by others as they see fit. Off cause it's open for anyone to add what ever they like as well.

    Being in the community section like it is there's no reason any of the other models can't be used. As Still_Bacon has suggested, the engine ini is the only thing that's different and the veh file can be set to call for the same one as the FG & VE. No advantage or disadvantage in the older models fuel usage.

    I'm sure there's some out there who would really like to use the BA, BF or VY, VZ cars over the FG and VE.
  10. Pesonally I don't know how hard it is but im sure it'd be quite a challenge.
    Don't get me wrong I think most, if not all the liveries you chose for the FG fit perfectly and wouldnt have looked better any other way. :)
  11. I agree with you Doug with putting liveries on a car that wasn't the original. At the moment I'm trying to put one of my Demon Energy skins onto a BoZ Sprint car and its a real challenge.
    I haven't downloaded it yet but i know you put a lot of time and effort into making every skin you do to make it look its best and they always turn out great.

    Cheers Dam24
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  13. [​IMG]

    Has been added to my skins profile linked above. For the CustomSeries available from the links in the first post.
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  14. Nice job! They honestly look better on the current cars than they did on the originals!
  15. Here's a new car for this mod I've been wanting to do for awhile.
    Still got a few things to do for it.
    Hope you like it.

    If there's a livery you'd like to see in the series, let me know.
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  16. HRT2000 2001 2002
  17. and HRT 1998
  18. There is 97 and 99 HRT already in the Custom series + a Young Lions 2003 livery has been added. Those 4 would equal 7. Bit much HRT I'd suggest, wouldn't you agree?
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  19. upload_2014-6-30_10-8-5.png
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  20. at least the 2000 car. Doug62 i pmd u a skin request