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V8FU Tyre Temps

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Scott Stephens, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Guys i have a setup program that asks me what is the optimal tyre temp range, (Low and High). I have no idea how to or where find this info out. Can anyone help me out on this matter please.
  2. yeah thats not bad, only there must be a minimum and max optimal temp range. thats what i need find out
  3. 600 is the optimial dreggress i found that anything under or over drecreases your brake performance.
  4. 600 degrees on tyres, what the hell. I dont think so.

    Can anyone from ORSM help with this info im chasing
  5. no not 600 on tyres 600 for the brakes!!!!
  6. yeah but as per my 1st post and the thread title, im trying to find out about the tyres.
  7. Tires are obtimaux between 90 ° C and 110 ° C and ideally to stay as close to 100 ° c.
    This is not easy: P
  8. That's pretty much it. Been like this sins V8Factor with tyre temps.
  9. ok sweet thanks guys
  10. ;)
  11. 220KPA Pressure wise.