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V8FU question

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Mitchell Woodward, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. will the mod ever be adapted to rfe plugin

    the rfe plugin is a variable weather mod recently released.
  2. would be great to see this happen. with a set of wet weather tyres too added to the setup mix.
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  3. what is this rfe you speak of??
  4. http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=RFE plugin Series

    You can have automated tyre selection based on what the track condition is set to. For example if you feel you need a wet Bathurst for let's say the 12 Hour Event you can specify the conditions in an extra ini file and have wet like conditions out of the box and you can have the wet simulated aswell it's like a extra trackconfig.ini + the extra wet you would only have on some tracks made for them. Even Rain seems possible with this.
    This would make a quite decent variety in the events as you could have the slightly wet 2005 and a sunny 2006 without messing the tracks up with just manipulated shaders like the first wet tracks were, they just used shaders + icey track tdf files to have atleast slightest wet, now you get the rain aswell.
  5. Agreed, rain tyres option will be good. I've just tested the V8FU mod on those RFE plugin available tracks with the plugin installed. It was really impossible to drive on either soft or hard tyres.

    There are quite a number of RFE plugin-ready tracks available out there.

    This would be a good option if V8FU next update will include the rain tyres for rF1. At least rF1 could live longer before the final rF2 version is out and V8FU moves to rF2.

  6. with that in mind, window wiper that moves and wipes the window of rain would be good addition.
  7. Indeed, Scott. Perhaps an option of 'Animated Wipers' in the Upgrades section would be something awesome. Hooray for some rain dance with the V8FU! :D
  8. only if the moders do a patch though.
  9. Hehe. It could be in my X'mas or New Year wish list, Scott. Did a lap of Spa 1967 with soft tyres with Rain weather, fun sliding. Monsoon seems to be impossible for both compounds. LOL! :roflmao:
  10. animated wipers I think ain't possible in rfactor unfortunately but in rfactor 2 on the other hand
  11. Mitch is correct. Rain was not developed in rF, so no motions on wipers