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[V8FU] need help regarding the control and sprint tires

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Jclaude, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hello, is message with google translation does not speak English so sorry if it's difficult to understand.
    At first, congratulations for your work on the mod V8FU.
    The wait is rewarded!
    I'm addicted to the V8 from the first V8Factor.

    So here I am writing to you for information on tires.
    After editing the file "TrackconfigV8SC10" in order to choose the gums "control " or "sprint" on bathurst v1.3_2006 to get a true idea of the difference in life of each type of tire.
    I perceived that in the current configuration of the tire in the file "V8SC.tbc" tires sprint lasted longer than the "control", while its reverse should be true ...
    So yes indeed with the "sprint" I'm going faster, but I manage to empty the "120 liters" and I could refuel and leave with the same tires.
    In "control" I am unable to empty the tank without the tires lose grip too and I could finish the run ...

    So is it possible to show me the data which you should make more sense to touch the role of each type of tire.
    I tested some changes but I can not find the right compromise.

    Thank you in advance and again sorry for the translation.

  2. Just Thought I throw up what I have found I do also find The Sprints last longer for me as well. But I think in my case it is with the extra grip with the sprints I find I don't overdrive the the car which on controls I tend too have the car pushing coming in or out of the corner more, doing this does create more overheating of the tyre which leads to a quicker wear rate.

    I am enjoying the challenge of making the tyres last I do find that when I over heat them I do have to slow a little for a lap or two and they drop back down.

    Might be completely wrong Just my thoughts on what I have found so far.
  3. That's good info guys. The Sprint tyres should wear faster than the Controls as they are a softer compound but it does look like we'll need to tweak the Sprint's heating/wear a bit. Its a good point about overdriving on the control tyres too and that does contribute to the extra wear, but obviously the sprints shouldn't last that long.
  4. Indeed, can expect at least an update of the tires then?
    History of correcting this problem.

    Thank you for your interest ;)

  5. I'm finding myself often "overdriving" the Control tires, due to their lack of grip. Sprints are really like a magic pill at the moment. 50 laps around Philip Island and my pace remains the same.
    It's a bit awkward, coz when I try to overdrive the Sprints, the pace goes away after 2 laps, but that's only in Qualification pace when I trash the car. When I'm reasonable thou, they just keep on going. Controls on the other hand due lack grip quite a bit. That leads to people overdriving them and ending up wearing them off faster. 10 laps and they're toasted. And if you try to be reasonable with them, your pace goes way down. Like WAY WAY DOWN. Too down if you ask me.
    Would love to see some fix on that. Love the mod so far BTW :D
  6. Thats the way it should be, the whole lack of grip thing ;)
  7. I'm not sure bud. That lack of grip is quite big and it tends to make drivers "overdrive" these tires, resulting up much quicker wear. Something should be done about it, but I don't know what exactly. Maybe increase both tires' grip level by a bit and then adding a bit more "life" in the Controls. Or just add a ton of durability in the Controls perhaps. No clue to be honest. I'm sure ORSM will do the proper thing.
  8. I am a little the same my understanding is that the controls in real life are extremely durable. The sprints are fantastic they do last too long though. The controls a little less heat up would make a difference not backing away from my statement that I'm overdriving the car just find that as said in previous post that the different in speed between looking after the controls and pushing for a good time is massive. Everyone is on a level playing field so we are all the same. As a league we have currently run two 40 min races at Melbourne on controls and I had a great battle with another member for 90 percent of the race. During this battle we both found that we would have a few laps to attack or pull away and then a lap to let tyres come down in temp a little to attack again. This lead to two drivers balancing the tyre life the whole race while be no more than a couple of car lengths apart. Did create a great race and I think some times we need to evaluate mods in race conditions not just outright laps by yourself where everyone driving the same mod and dealing with things there own way. At the end of the day we are all looking for some fun and we certainly got this last round

    We are running a sprint tyre round at Hamilton this weekend and we see how they work out
  9. I stay on my position too!
    Before you write here, I made ​​several run. On Bathurst, Hamilton too.
    And we take it all the same.
    The sprint has a lifespan far greater than the control.
    It is not right with the tires we can use a sprint tank 120litres to pit and leave with the same tires!
    Whereas with the control, we are not able to do better!
    For the control become far too unstable to have worn before the full tank.
    I also ride in a league, and we have already conducted a meeting in Hamilton this weekend we drive to bathurst is that during the phases of training that we've all noticed that there is the problem this poses.
    I'd do not permit posted if I had not conducted large-scale test!
    I think the behavior is inverted tire life.
    The grip of the sprint is correct, but takes too long compared with the control. It's no more complicated than that.
  10. Was wondering if any of you ORSM guys have had time to check out the tyre "issue". Very interested to get your thoughts on this.
    Great mod by the way.:cool:
  11. Could I jump in here I had thought last night in bed (I know I am sad but I have sim modding and gaming on me brain) Could we not not change the name of the tyre in game for know intill the patch comes out? Its some thing I think could work I know it will mismatch online but most of us play in single player mode
  12. There's a lot more to it then that Wayne. The sprint for a start has far more grip then the control. People are using up a set of control tyres in 5 or 6 laps. Know idea how they're doing that though. They must be laying more rubber down then a day at the drag strip to manage it.:wink: Swapping them over really want achieve anything. Krunch is working on it. Physics aren't a 5 minute job by any means. It's up to you what tyres you want to run but it's not worth changing them around when it'll make your install none compatable for online racing. Leagues are dealing with it the best way they can and are just waiting for the patch. We understand the importence of the tyres being as close as possible to being right and are working on getting the best resault possible.
  13. Hmm, I'm starting to like the fact that the Endurance tires have less grip then the control ... Let me explain a bit more on this.
    I ran a whole fuel tank today @ Adelaide, in preparation for the WV8S2011 R2 race, and I was steady in the range of 1:23s thru out the whole run. I had to be extra careful not to lock brakes and all that good jazz, but due to my old wheel and naturally understeery setup of the car - it happened a few times. No big deal thou. Another thing got me worried.
    Thru this run, my tire temperature was pretty OK, until the last few laps. By lap 18-20, the rears went into yellow and that got them going a bit sideways, resulting a big jump in the temperatures - from 98 to 115. As for the fronts, they were moving around 115 to 130 before the end of the stint. Even when they went into the yellow, they were manageable, as long as I kept remembering to lower my apex speeds a bit. In the very end of the stint thou, the temperatures were sky rocketing. Fronts were 145 and 135, while the rears were 115 and 112.
    That got me thinking ... I've opened up the two tires files and I saw that the optimum temperature for both is absolutely the same - 89 degrees. That sort of temperature isn't a problem for the Sprint tires, because of the way they grip the corners. Even with my usual locking of the brakes, they last a helluva lot longer, while being driveable, because they just "bite" more of the road, even wean wore down. The situation with the Sprints in Round 1 @ Yas Marina was excellent. Tires lasted the full fuel load and had plenty more to go. Yes, we did ran the event in the middle of the night and that helped out a lot, but even in the club races, the Sprints just keep gripping the road, even when you're pushing hard at the end of the races.
    Given that the Endurance tires are of harder compound thou, it seems a bit weird that they have the same optimal temperature. In the WTM for example, they had lower optimal temperature. Makes sense sort of. But the way the Hards worked in difference of the Softs there, was the way they gained that temperature. Hards did warmed up a lot slower. In the V8 thou, the Endurance heat up almost as fast as the Sprint tires. Which is a problem I think. If not "The Problem" for the tire use.
    Possible solution could be to reduce the Endurance tires heat gain greatly. Or, increase the optimal temperature for the Endurance tires somewhere between 5-10 degrees. That 2nd one doesn't makes much sense, but I think that if the tires are ran closer to the optimal temperatures, it'll help with their life span.

    P.S. : BTW, 89 optimal temperature seems a bit too low for such high-powered car. WTM tires have 96 for the Softs and 90 for the Hards. Softs do heat up quicker as I mentioned, but there were tracks on which the Hards could take up to 2 full laps to get up to temperature.
  14. Sorry Nikola but you've got your parameters mixed up. The Enduro and sprint tyres have an optimal temperature of 100 degrees ie. Temperatures=(100,32). The '32' is the starting tyre temp when you first sit in the car in the garage. The '89' value you quoted is for the tyre pressures and is the base pressure (kPa) required to keep the tyre flat on the ground when absolutely no load is on it. The optimal tyre pressure when racing by the way is around 214 kPa.

    The tyre tweaks are being worked on and tested so hopefully we've got it right for the update release. Its important to note that in the real life V8's the Enduro tyres are not really all that durable. They can easily be destroyed in a few laps of overdriving. In qualifying the drivers are lucky to get a second lap out of them for decent lap times so although they can race on them for quite a while they have to drive to preserve them the whole stint. The sprints are even quicker to be destroyed so thats the balance we are trying to fix. The real drivers have to be extremely careful with the throttle and sliding on either tyre compound.
  15. My bad, just now saw that.
    I have full faith that you guys will work out a solution, even if it's after Round 2.
    BTW, any hint on possible release date of the patch ? I mean I'd like to know if I need to re-run full race length simulation prior Round 2 or I can be safe with my planned out strategy.
  16. Re-run a full race length test... Now that is me dedication.

    As Krunch said, we are in Test mode at the moment, so we could give you a timeframe, but if we don't all like the changed, we will have to backtrack and then break our release date promise.. That's not gunna happen.

    But, rest assured, I think you will like the content and improvements of the next release.
  17. There will be no changes to tyre physics for Round Two Nikola :).
  18. Thanks Ryan ! That's good enough for me.