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V8FU Genstring to set upgrades by default??

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by NWRAP, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Can anyone shed any light on if upgrades can be selected by default using the genstring in the VEH?

    Currently skining cars for the Fujitsu 2011 addon and several cars ran different options by default...If possible I would like to set the cars up that way in game by default.
  2. The only way I can see you doing this is by adding additional Upgrade Files.

    So in the VEH file, you change the Upgrade file to represent which car / team it is for, change the order of the upgrade to represent the default (1st line of code for each UpgradeType will be your default).

    It's the only way I could think it would work.
  3. Yep that's the only way I know of as well.
  4. You can do it with the track config also.
  5. The Track Config requires the options in the upgrades first, as do all the methods below.

    However... You don't need more than 1 file per car type (VE/FG/BA etc) if you use the AIClass files to dictate which option belongs to which setting.

    You can tell the AIClass in the VEH to pick from any number of upgrades. It doesn't have to be the first in the list. That's only if you are using 1 upgrade file per car/team/config.


    If you want Team1 to use Exhaust option 1 (on the upgrade list), and Team2 to use exhaust option 3 (on the upgrade list), the Upgrade file would look like:

    Exhaust=0 // First on the list is always


    Hope that makes sense. You can see an example in the 2010 V1 Upgrades files if you need another example
  6. perfect ..Thanks very much :)
  7. OK I can get that to show up correctly on track so that's a start :)

    Is there a way to make it also occur in the spinner?

    EDIT: Can get it to change in the spinner if I select the class type...now how to make it choose the class type by default...lol
  8. You need to set the line in the VEH:
    AIClass="xxxxxxx" (where xxxxxxx is the name you selected for the team in the Upgrades AIList below).

    This will make the AI run with this configuration all the time. Punters can change it if they like, but that has always been able to happen irrespective of any part.

    We also use the TrackConfig to lock the diff ratio, rims, left mirror and fuel cell but for the Fujitsus, you should only need to lock the diff, and can probably use our trackconfig (just rename it xxxxxxTrackConfig with xxxxx being the filter name for your series).
  9. I can get the AIclass upgrade to work no issues and that works when an AI is on track in the said car..

    I also want the spinner to display said changes & can only see to get that to happen if I choose the class under the upgrade options in the spinner.

    What I want is the car to run the class upgrade by default in the spinner.. If that's even possible.

    At least it works on track so that's cool.

    Thanks for the tip on the track config :)