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V8Factor Unleashed WIP Pics

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Kevo, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Forgive the spelling mistakes I typed this in a hurry
  2. No the official V8 online series is iRacing.
  3. It's not so much about making it perfect, (I think we have fallen short of perfection by including the old cockpits) it's more about delivering a mod that will be straight out of the box drivable for as many ppl as possible without bugs and glitches.

    Gav G
  4. so when can we espect release?
  5. Hi guys just a question, would allowing a small beta so that people can provide feedback on the unleashed mod be possible i have been playing the FVR 2011 mod which when competed will have many of the bugs ironed out before the public release, im not advertising their mod here it is just they have had lots of useful feedback from their members.
  6. I was a bit concerned you said you were a writer and then the spelling!!! Isn't spell check a wonderful thing!!
  7. Fantastic question that one!!!!

    I'll get back to you shortly!!!!
  8. i just asked a question not a fanastic question
  9. I'll get back you shortly.. Read between the lines..

    At a guess we will see it after the first V8 round in Australia at the end of the month (which is shortly :) ) as some teams will be having updated skins, so to ensure it's up to date I'm guessing the guys are waiting for this..

    So, reading between the lines I am guessing end of the month, early next month.. But then, I could be way of also..
  10. Whenever ORSM are ready then I'll be there to download:good:.
  11. geez how massive will this release be
  12. me too how massive they must have built the star-ship enterprise by now loll
  13. Its gotta be released soon, you can only keep your sanity for so long
  14. why so serious?
  15. Only just got here.. and by the looks of it just in time :)

    We all love V8 Factor over @ Super Roo Racing, and we understand and respect the amount of work it takes to do a "Complete" mod like V8 Factor was.

    Keep at it boys, the video looks great, it is much appreciated by the larger community. And once again looks like real MOTY material !!


  16. Howdý,

    Just a quick question .. can you still see the V8 Hump on the Falcon from the Cockpit veiw ??

    May not be that important, but it is one of the reasons I love my own XR8 soo much LOL.. ;)


  17. any news ppl last heard it was coming really really soon not to push any buttons but nearly 3 months have passed since the initial its close was written?
  18. You know what, i heard the same thing too...........
  19. Ok when i type in a hurry I don't use spell check, I admit that I suck at spelling, dyslexia is a *****, but hey what makes a writer is imagination not spelling that comes later through editing which I clearly didn't do. Forgive my sensitivity on this issue
  20. Don't worry about thinks to much mate I suffer with the same thing its a sod but we make do :)