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V8Factor Unleashed - Released!

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Ivo Simons, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. 4 years in the making OSRM finally released there V8 mod for rFactor. V8Factor Unleashed.
    New physics, sounds, car models and skins. Cant wait to try it out?
    Go to the official OSRM forum here on Racedepartment for the download links.
    Mod is still a 0.9 version. So classed as a public beta. Because OSRM are still making some improvements. So any feedback is also appreciated.

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Awesome news. Well done OSRM :thumb:
  3. The DREAM. It has arrived. Goodnight FVR!
  4. Exquisite Lovin ya work guys.
  5. Cool trailer. Makes me wish I had rFactor :D
  6. Dan Long

    Dan Long
    MK Simsport, driving the #107 BMW M3 GTE RDLMS Premium

  7. Great news :)
  8. Dont worry mate. I am sure FVR wont lose any sleep :D
  9. Both mods are great to enjoy, and have their place, no need to start a rivalry, just have fun with them, and keep it nice.
  10. Fantastic work OSRM. Can't wait for a league to start using this mod. Love the upgrades!
  11. It's ok, there is always one idiot in every crowd. Some are so small minded that they don't understand that if you give **** to modding groups long enough, they will all stop making content for the lazy assed $%^&-heads whom can't left a finger to do a thing themselves other than to bag someone. Awesome mate, don't turn on a TV anytime soon, the driver you don't like might win a race and you'll never be able to support motorsport again. Trent, go back to your hole and stay there.

    I have brought over 70 cars to sim platforms and your comments make me want to stop.

    This will be a great mod with lots of support, but does that mean that no other person or group should try to make the same series or even bother to make any series as it could never compare aye mate.

    Good to see that your 3 post on RD was to piss off true members of this community and the sim & real life racing community! Is that a record?

    edit: I expect to get told off in due course
  12. Naughty boy Gunthar. How dare you talk sense around here:tongue:.

    I tried FVR 2011 last week and I was impressed how far they had come from their first effort.

    Yes V8Factor will be my V8 mod of choice in rFactor, but once FVR's Race On version is out it will be my choice for that sim and I'll be in debt to both teams for giving me these gems to play with:good:.
  13. Brilliant mod by the ORSM guys - probably the best rFactor mod I've played - It's so good to drive. Fantastic work guys! Thank you so much.
  14. Thanks Philip. In this case I wasn't talking as a member of FVR or any specific modding group. That type of talk just pisses me off full stop.

    enuf said.... I'll be quite.
  15. too little too late what a shame only a beta version?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  16. oz wog has done the same to fvr at rfc funny you dont hear anyone from fvr rubbishing this mod why though would they rubbish fvr mmmm......
  17. View attachment 36135
  18. this is the best mod fvr is not i build better tracks than them theres a are bad:mad: cos they are is not good as osrm
  19. We at FVR do not rubbish other mods. We know how hard people work on doing them. I have driven the ORSM mod. It is well done, looks good and is modelled well. It is not perfect, but then not many mods are.