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V8Factor Unleashed Feedback

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by still_bacon, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. OK Guys.

    The Mod is out, and to make life easier, I thought we could make a single feedback area so you don't have to post on several threads (yeah, and I mean you too Alex (LOL)).

    Remember this is a Beta mod, so if you have any constructive feedback, please let us know.

    I will create a bug thread (if any do arrive) and will move the posts into there.

    If you have any other Mirrors you would like to donate for the community, please PM us.

    Otherwise, enjoy..
  2. ORSM is all I can say. Sounds are much better.. So far so good :)

    Well done guys, worth the wait.
  3. Thanks Guys, this mod is great.
  4. Looking great so far.

    2 things tho.

    Lowndes 888 - Skin window error

    When you select the mid season skin it comes up with the enduro windows.


    Ford Closed top steering wheels, doesnt show the closed wheel, and its off centered and raised too high.
  5. pretty good
  6. Well done Team ORSM this mod even though it is a beta it is awesome I love it.
  7. absolutely ORSM :D
  8. Hey mate. There is some direct links for single file download on the release post.
  9. Just took the VE out on Bathurst and Barbagallo. It feels amazing so far. It has better turn in and tracks through the corner far better than V8Factor 1.2/1.3 - I can really feel the front tyres biting as I turn into a corner. There is enough rear-end grip that you can control the car without having to overwork yourself - none of the annoying on-ice feel that I got with the original - but just enough give that I am constantly reminded of the power under the bonnet. Slides are catchable, but you have to be reasonably quick in your reactions to keep it straight.

    In all, just how I expected it to drive. This is the best of V8Factor and FVR rolled into one. Excellent job so far guys!
  10. You evil buggers!!!!

    Did you wait for me to go to bed before releasing it???

    Many thanks for your efforts guys, I'm downloading now. My wife thought I'd got the lotto results or something when I saw RD's front page:).
  11. Like Rhys said it drives how i expected it. (What i see on TV offcourse)
    Little bit more better handling then 1.3 wich is offcourse logical with the 2010 version.
    Still need to watch out for the power. Got some moments i felt to comfortable and resulted i me trying to catch a big oversteer moment.
    FF is great btw. (using the orginal rFactor FF)
  12. Hello,

    Taking a look at the suspension file (v8SC.PM) in Suspension Editor (v2) the rear suspension looks extremely 'weird' and/or broken.

    I notice the note about ''"Impossible Panhard" - simulates V8SC style Watts link''

    Is this by design, or a mistake in the numbers? as some of the elements go way out of being true, and there is no connection to the rear uprights and ETC. I wish to build a base set up for a friend wanting to drive in the league and would like to know if this is by design, or a mistake?

    Cheers, Mark
  13. For some reason I only get the pace car at startup. Is this not a stand alone mod or does it need a previous version?
  14. Excellent Job boys, huge improvement, defiantly agree about the feel, much better than previous, any chance to give the sounds a bit more rumble feel, more bass, seems still a little bit tiny, I want to feel that motor through my sub-woofa mate.
  15. Go to the Series selection screen in Customise>Vehicle and select the Community Edition. :wink:
  16. Thanks Rhys...I should've thought of that.
  17. Mod feels much more immersive. I always felt like the older versions were a bit held back but this has already shown a marked improvement in that regard. And the damage has improved as well I see. I cant wait to devote a good hour to this really well done Beta.
  18. Great job guys, fantastic fun to drive.

    Excuse my ignorance but do these cars have a manual gearbox in real life or sequential? I remember looking into this a while ago and found that some drivers prefered a manual and some sequential but not sure how accurate or up to date that information is.
  19. Since 2008 all Seq i believe. :)