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V8Factor Sounds

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by TeamRED1, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, long time viewer etc etc

    Finally got around to installing the game, and aren't too happy with that original sounds, and i remember a sound pack got released ages ago, by greg hill? i think or something

    Was wondering if any of you had this pack, or know where i could download it from now-a-days

    thanks heaps guys
  2. how do you disable the ambient sounds at Bathurst?
  3. I don't know where it is, but the sounds he used for the Holden are just what the rFactor Nascars use (whatever they are)
  4. If you mean that God awful air-wrench noise, it is an rFactor bug that was never fixed. The file Gamedata\Sounds\Ambient\fans_normal_1.wav is not the sound of a crowd at all, it is that air-wrench sound.

    When driving the V8 Factor cars you don't notice it because the car mod uses it's own ambient sound. If you drive other cars (and I believe you drive the FVRs muzarati?) on a track that uses that ambient sound file then you hear the air-wrench.

    Alot of tracks besides Bathurst use that file, so it is not a Bathurst issue. Anyways, long ago I just copied the V8 Factor version of that file to the root folder. I have it zipped up so I could give it to friends, so just extract this to your rF folder and no more looping air-wrench.

  5. Yes there is that looping air-wrench sound as well as the announcer, I'm not sure but I don't think it would be that audible in the race car, at least I've never noticed it watching the on-boards? (V8 Factor by the way)
  6. I'm still trying to piece together a hrt sound for the hrt cars its very very hard work
  7. i can imagine it being hard work ..
    i myself have no idea people like yourself obtain and make sounds for them.
    it would be curious to see the sounds when ORSM release the mod
  8. Not too sure if this is the right place but i did some changes to the backfire sound, i am also doing some for the fvr mod as well, have a listen and let me know what you think.
    video link -
  9. i checked it out just then modmad, sounds very nice to me. good effort :)
  10. Muzarti drive FVR - never - he's a V8Factor fan through and through but we don't discriminate at FVR, after all he's a Kiwi as well and we still treat him nicely. Interesting that you should mention that ambient sound, never noticed it before.
  11. Lol a multi modder! I guess it's not unheard of.
  12. not sure about being a modder but the guys over at FVR are the best bunch of guys I think you could find, always helpful and I have learned a lot from them. It also has a great community feel about it, I also respect their work and even though I don't drive their mod full time (I have however downloaded their latest version to have a look at when I get a chance), I think they have done an a awesome job and the amount of work they release is quite phenomenal.
  13. If anyone wants to try a different Holden sound just say and I'll upload an alternative
  14. @ Michael51 new sounds are more than welcome.
  15. Keep your eye out as I am sure there has been someone sneaking around Rick Kelly's Stratco shed with a tape recorder. The only Man I know who can keep not only a V8Supercar, but a V8Supercar driver in is shed just for ****s and giggles!!!!.

  16. Thats a strange add
  17. Did someone ask for sounds????

    Maybe this might be usefull??
  18. I thought it was a great add. Well done. Had a good laugh.
  19. would be sweet if we could get like a on-board view of the mod with the sounds going :p
  20. wow i justed listen to those sounds and my jaw droped very very very very good job i must admit