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V8Factor Feedback/Suggestions

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Justin_GTS, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I've watched and seen the current decline in people playing the V8Factor mod. 30 people in servers was a common sight, now the servers are bare - league races struggle to crack the 15 mark for there races - even thats a fantastic turnout result now days!

    3 Years of "Coming Soon" has died on me, its either "Coming in 2011" or "Coming April 2010" or make the 2006 model series the last and call it V8Factor Legends.

    What do you guys need to help speed up the process? Is it donations? More staff? More Skinners? More testers? Myself and others here would be more then happy to help if you guys let us know.

    P.S For those who don't know, I dislike FVR!
  2. Our championship has not gone lower than 19 and has averaged 22 ;)

    But I see your point.
  3. Yes but you must admit reading feel the thunder in 2010 etc back in January and now being April with all the teaser shots of the VE/FG is getting people a little restless
  4. I know what you mean. The 1.3 patch did spark some renewed interest in it but that was short lived. The main update was the physics. This did make the cars more stable but still not very realistic compared to some other new mods being released today. The NAGT mod by the US Pits is a good example of this for the tin tops and FSONE F1 mod for open wheelers are only two. Off cause there are others that have improved the old ideas that rFactor can't do that. More and more people are finding rFactor's hidden secrets and are producing better and better mods. V8Factor even though it's three years old still has some of the best models and file structure around. From what we've seen of the screenshots the new models will see a long life in rFactor and be still up with rFactor2 in another three years when it's released.

    Questions for all of you.
    Let's be honest here. Why are people not using this mod much? Don't tail me it's because the models are old. Has to be more to it then that. If this is all that is important to you, You would be using FVR.
    Why don't you like the FVR mod. It has the new model cars. Up to date liveries.
    I'm not a fan of FVR either. When it comes to a choice between the two V8Factor wins hands down old models or not.
  5. Old car models is apart of it, Adrenalin Factor Racing league is a good example of this, now they've switched from V8Factor to FVR (who are working with the league themselves to produce mod updates) and I doubt they will return to V8Factor any time soon.

    I think its also V8Factor has been around a long time now, many people have played it, if it gets a new face like the models or a big build up for the launch, the flood gates will open up.

    I would put some money on the fact that new car models will generate the interest it once had, the car models look finished on the outside, surely the launch is this week..month at latestt?

    As I said in previous post, how can we, V8Factor fans, help speed up the process? Surely it can't be "just sit there and be quiet" because we have done that for 3 yrs. We can only hope that they (V8Factor team) are planning some really big alongside V8Factor that will become a killer mod for rfactor - take some people away from iRacing which is the next big thing atm.
  6. Well we run a V8 comp and we had 53 drivers sign up, And we only had room for 45 and luckily we did'nt get 53 in the 1st round but this is what we've had.

    Round 1. - 40 Drivers
    Round 2. - 38 Drivers
    Round 3. - 32 Drivers
    Round 4. - 26 Drivers

    So we've nearly halved the field in only 4 rounds, I'm not sure why drivers are'nt returning maybe it is the physics which most ppl complain about but some of that has to come down to rFactor being so old and limited. I think like a few others that i've talked to lately that when Iracing releases the V8SC we may get a massive exodus as the physics will be closer than anything the modding community can try an replicate in what we are driving now (V8Factor/FVR). Plus having laser scanned tracks (Oran Park, Phillip Island) with more to come.
    And before anyone asks i'm not an Iracing members! I tried it when it came out and i found that it wasnt what i was after at that stage and havent gone back as i really enjoy the group of guys i've raced with for the past 7 yrs. But if things do go down the tube and i have no option to change i may have to, Only time will tell.
  7. I think rFactor itself is part of the problem. The rFactor club races struggle to get numbers at times.

    I'm not sure why, but it does suffer from more people choosing the Race Series for their racing here.
  8. Well it seams to me rFactor is being blamed for the problems of people going to other formats. The physics in Forza 3 for the V8's has been put over that of rFactor by some people. The question is it rFactor's fault?

    I'd say No! In fact rFactor it's self has a lot of potential that hasn't been exploited by most mod groups. In saying that there are new mods coming out that are starting to find these exploits.
    ORSM have asked for feedback on this and got very little back about what you guy's really want the cars to feel like. At this stage the 1.3 physics are looking to be the one that comes out with the new mod because it's not had bad feedback. Most have been "Very good" "Lot's of fun to drive now" "Much more stable. Thanks" Nothing about what you really want.

    Justin GTS suggests the models are apart of the reason for people moving on to other mods. Apart of it? So really would you think if the new models were out and in the current V8Factor so to speak. Same or slightly modified physics would people come back to V8Factor?

    Me I'd have to say that at first they would because of the models but as what has happened with the 1.3 update people would soon disappear again. To iRacing? Possibly.

    I'll have to ask. Dose iRacing use the same Gmotor as rFactor? I'll really don't know.
    If so then rFactor can equal iRacing as far as the physics go. It's all in the writing. SimBin's GTR2 and GTL are using the Gmotor2 engine and some say their format is better then rFactor. Why? I'd say it's in the way the physics are set up for their modders to work with.

    Issues with rFactor are there and always will be. rFactor2 will have a set of it's own problems no doubt. Rfactor is not the issue that is being told to us by mod groups. As you know most of the feel you get is from the tyre slip curves. Also the HDV file off cause as they go hand in hand. Tyre physic have a mere 12% lose of grip when you take the camber out to it's maximum. Usually around 7 on the settings guide in rF. So if you push this out to get better turn in the penalty is very little. You'll see the tyre temp go up but as this is also a very small grip loss with the current set up you can ignore this on a sprint race around 30 minutes. Enduros you'll need to take some notice as it will effect grip eventually. Good way to test this is put the car against a wall and burn rubber. It'll take around 10 minutes of 4 gear flat out revs to blow the tyre. Way off. Also the engine will show a yellow overheating but the tyre will go first. Don't try this with you real car. Neither the tyre or engine will last anywhere near that long. These are only two issues but there are many more. Is this rFactor's limitation? No. This can be and has been shown not to be the case.
  9. Yep, thats my predication, not usually a betting man but I'd put money on it :) The 1.3 Physics are good but Im not a V8 Supercar driver and theres a few of them playing V8Factor so maybe ask them.

    You could get even bigger numbers if you had a promo video released on YouTube 1 week before the mod was made public aswell as maybe a twitter page, leagues will promote them and bang, you have generated a large amount of interest.

    All iRacing has to do is reduce there price for 6-12months to the cost of rFactor licence and I reckon iRacing will explode and rFactor will struggle. On the flipside, rFactor2 if its as good as the previews will have a better chance of competing with iRacing then what they currently are now. Guess we talking about 2 different things though; rFactor 2 and V8Factor Unleashed...

    I'm not even apart of the rFACTOR or ORSM teams but I would be concerned with the development of iRacing in the long term, you will always have a few hardcore loyal rFactor fans like me but the bulk of others might make the swap. Guess I'm trying to say is lets see the mod launched where it can be enjoyed by 1000+ people rather then 50 - and before 2012 where the Car of Future scheme is introduced in real V8 Supercars, otherwise you've just wasted 3 years. Get the fans in and interested before another competitor grabs the moment....
  10. look maybe they are waiting Shane Van Gisbergen, hes a rFactor nut. and ive even seen murphy playing it for a news segment haha.

    So maybe they could ask those fellows and we can get a release and new models to race with =)
  11. Thread moved to a new home :)
  12. Firstly I'd have to say that talking about rFactor in this or any thread isn't wrong by any means. Without rFactor there would be no V8Factor at least in this format. It's the format that rFactor gives to the modders to build on so yes it is relevant. It's well know that rFactor's so called limitations are the reason for others to look to formats like SimBin and iRacing for a more realistic feel. Another reason for people to go to iRacing is the fact that you pay to play. By doing this the racing has a much higher standard I would suspect because if your forking out good money your not going to just go on a crash & bash feast like what dose happen at times with open servers with rFactor. Of cause this applies to all mods not just V8Factor. This would I think be the main attraction to iRacing.
    rFactor leagues are a different story were there are driving standards and server rules that need to to be adhered to. Physics are a big part of any mod to be successful. At any time specially the week end when your looking to have a fun race rFactor servers are virtually empty these day. Is sim racing dyeing or is it just rFactor? This includes league servers that are locked. Some times you may see 1 person on a locked server but mostly empty. This doesn't seam relevant in thread I know being V8Factors & ORSM's forum but it is relevant for the future of this mod I believe. V8Factor 06 is seeing less & less people using it even after the latest physics update which is tailing me these something wrong and I believe it's the lack of realism. Models are only apart of it. The older models are as I've said before are still off high quality even after 3 years and a good painter can put high quality updated skins on them. So I don't see this being the main issue. Not wanting to bag FVR for trying but their models aren't even close so what makes them so popular? Physics? I don't have the mod so I can't judge that. Hear say tails me their arcade like. Easy to drive without much practise:confused:. Again only hear say. So what do people want? I keep reading "We want realism" 1.3 isn't there as far as that goes.

    Real race car driver? Shane dose it for fun. He admits it's not close to real. Murphy, Dislikes sim racing. Feels it will never be anything like real. Dose it for promotional reasons only. (saw this on a utube video from Adrenaline Factor when they were promoting the sims at the gold coast. Red Line opening) Spoken to a 3 party recently and he tails me Murphy's opinion hasn't change. Lee also uses rFactor for fun. His opinion I can't comment on. Probbly because I don't know:wink:.
  13. Doug62 - I know I'll get flamed for offering my opinion. You say you can't comment on Lee's opinion because you don't know, yet you can comment on FVR being arcadey from hearsay. Yes FVRV8_08 may have felt arcadey. Why? Because a few V8Factor supporters commented they felt arcadey 3 years ago. Get real, if you haven't tried it, then how can you comment. We asked that they not be compared, so instant comparisons are done. The 2010 cars were done in 8 weeks for crying out loud, if you sit in the spinner, sure you can pick faults, 8 weeks. I'm not here to bag V8Factor and I won't. Even though you said you weren't going to bag FVR but you did on hear say and that you hadn't tried it. Sounds awfully credible to me, I'd like you opinion on every Porsche mod, every F1 mod. :wink:

    Its another case of if people like FVR lets bag it because V8Factor we have been told was realistic so it must be. Its a game dude, a $50 game. Its not real, it never will be.:rolleyes:

    FVR is not about about being perfect. :tongue: We never professed it was, sure if I clicked on a few more pixels we could probably do it, take a few years - heaven forbid, that would drive round the twist, a few of us decided we wanted some fun. We built our own stuff, learnt it from scratch and did it ourselves. We never bagged ORSM in the process, in fact for a very short time I was with ORSM, they wanted me to do a cockpit, gawd I hate cockpits and on a Ford no less :work:. We interpreted what we felt were realistic physics from real data and over 4 versions of the mod and several updates we feel we have realistic cars - as realistic as we feel rFactor or any game will allow us. while were were at it, we released it across every platform, we also put in 4 or 5 WIP tracks. Why because we enjoy doing it. We enjoy modding, we don't have to do it but we do because we wanted to. We didn't create it for anyone else but ourselves. We created our own forum and we communicate nightly with our members, because we enjoy a chat, log on, have a look, I think for a little underground site we have more communication about FVR stuff than any other site has about one topic. We cull leeches quickly and we are happy to have a group of 2 or 300 hundred friends that enjoy it. We privately released the mod and it got leeched, hence we had to publicly update our stuff so that beta versions weren't classed as the final. If you cared to join up and maybe read the whole Townsville Simulator expose with 30 drivers. They all seemed to have a good time. Murph wasn't there. That's what its about - good times. I've spoken to several drivers as well and yes some of them said exactly what you are saying it will never be close. Once again I say its a game an if anyone is kidding themselves its not and believes they know what a real V8 Supercar feels like is doing exactly that, kidding themselves.

    The one thing we are about is communication with friends, this is what we were asked for and this is what we delivered. After all we don't get paid for FVRV8 as much as ORSM won't get paid for V8F 07 or whatever it will be called..

    As for why FVR is fairly popular at the moment - maybe it won't be when ORSM release their stuff, not a biggie to be honest because I have other things to do outside of sim racing, maybe it will, my opinion is we have said we will do updates and we give a time frame. We have said what we do is quick so it will never be perfect, it still looks the same if you are driving fast, plus we said we'd do an FG and VE and we did in 2009. We said we'd release it for the other brands, we did. We gave approximate time frames and we stuck with those time frames. We do this because we enjoy it and we have fun racing it. As for V8F 1.3 not being realistic, these guys have worked hard on this from their interpretation as well from probably very similar data as we have got, because its a game I quote Krunch - some of the stuff has to be fudged. It may not be realistic but anyone that has driven a real V8Supercar - put their hands up and say exactly that. I'd bet there wouldn't be one person that has that frequents these forums including ours. Why, because its a game dude.

    If you like V8Factor 2006 - great, if you are looking forward to the new version - fantastic, so am I. We all are because its something new. Great. If you like FVR - (not you because you haven't tried it but you can comment on it because you read a few things back in 2008) then great. We wouldn't want the opposition game on our V8Factor machine, it may corrupt it heheheheh. Its just a game. I'm sure whilst being in an ORSM forum section I'll get flamed, but geez, if you don't think 1.3 physics is hitting the mark, why bring up another mod group that is trying to do something and "not bag it" bag it to get your argument across that V8F 1.3 is not right. I'm sure there are a lot of people that think 1.3 is perfect, same as 1.2 and 1.1. I didn't so we did our own stuff. Its just a hobby for me, good times and good fun. That's it. And its free.

    Cheers mate - have a great day and most of all have fun - don't take the games too serious. My mother always said - its just a game. And Doug - not all of this was pointed at you mate, in fact the more I read your post, very little was, I just had a soapbox and started speaking crap, cos I enjoy doing that as well heheheh.
  14. Guys, guys, I'm not taking any sides here but this is not the place to be getting irate.

    This is about V8Factor feedback, not whether FVR or ORSM are better - FVR's mod should only be mentioned if for example you feel V8Factor should have something that FVR has.

    Keep it on topic. Thankyou.
  15. Well said Flash
  16. Hey Ryan - all cool mate, no I don't believe Doug62 or myself are getting irate. He stated some valid points and I like to ramble on. But all in good fun at the end of the day and probably not the right place for it I guess. Doug, as I said at the bottom of my post, not having a go at you mate. So anyway I'll go back tomy box for a few months, they don't let me out to play very often these days.
  17. :roflol: FlashQld. I don't think you'll get slammed. Not by me anyway. You felt you had a point and I'm fine with that. I didn't mean to discredit FVR in the way you felt I did. I've always given credit to FVR for dropping a successfully mod out of the hat the way you did. I however had no idea it was released the way you described though. Guess most people didn't.

    Ryan I saw nothing irate in Flash's post. Merely point given point taken.

    Though that said the hole point of the post about why rFactor servers and off cause V8Factor are always nearly empty even on the weekends has been totally over looked for a one liner on the bottom of the post.

    Back on the subject of V8Factor and the new mod with the new model. I see here that someone is working on a skin pack for the 2002 season to be released soon. Aren't these liveries supposed to be on the VX and AU? If this is so then why is it wrong to put the 2009 or 2010 liveries on the VY and BA. These models are, I'll say again still top quality. The latest update for the physic plus other things like Bathurst updated with the old models should in my opinion bring people back to race them. Am I wrong? I admit it did for awhile. RD league I see has gone from 53 wanting to race down to 26 in less then three months.(Refer post #6) Bacon has suggested that with no bad feedback the 1.3 physics though slightly modified maybe what we get in the new mod. I must make this clear Bacon Suggested, Not written in stone. Merely suggested. May be with the new mod. Like FlashQld so adequately put it, It doesn't matter what the models look like when your going fast. As most know leagues do have skin packs. Do it yourself liveries. These liveries on a BA or FG really makes no different to the way the cars drive given the fact that the 1.3 physics are the same on either car. So what is it that people are really looking for? Don't say the models. There's more to it then that.
  18. There's nothing unusual about that. From experience that happens in every league. Everyone starts with enthusiasm and then as the season progresses drop off occurs due to lack of interest, other commitments, uncompetitive drivers who quit because they can't win etc, etc, etc. Human nature imo.

    On another note....check mid week rather than weekends for a gauge on how well servers are being populated. For some reason Wednesday seems very popular.
  19. Hey guys.

    Great to see some banta on the forum, and you know.. There are some really good points being brought up in here..

    The Topic is Feedback and Suggestions, and although some are rambling on writing War and Peace (yeah that's you Flash and Doug lol), the details in these novels is very interesting.

    Me, I can say I have ventured to the Dark side, and looked at the FVR mod, and spoken privately to Darth Flash several times, and he is exactly right. Different Mods, Different targets in all aspects (Models, Physics, Forum etc).

    But to be honest, I am still interested in his opinion of how he thinks the car should react, even though he runs FVR. We are not really competing for market share. ****... I haven't scored a single dime from my work on V8Factor, and I'd say he hasn't either.

    I think the difference is everyone on this forum has asked for Technical Enhancements in one way or another from the ORSM mod, but other mods have people asking for "What you can do in 8 weeks" as their preference. That is the key..... Its an individuals preference for what they want. I know our mod has taken some time to produce, but again... What do you expect for nothing??

    rFactor is fun, its challenging, and I really love sharing with others what I love.. And thats motorsport.

    So, keep the feedback coming all, and we look forward to you enjoying our work..
  20. Still_B we had to do something cos you have enough suggestions and feedback to last for a lifetime. As you say - they are different for their differences. I've seen guys race FVR stuff and also race ORSM stuff. Its all cool - I'm not sure why people get so hung up on which is better or worse to drive, if you like it use it, if you don't don't. I'm sure you'd agree. Technically I think both factions feel they are right but who really cares as long as you have fun. We just spotted a forum recently where some guys were comparing FVR mod with F1's. Huh - what do you say to that one. Anyway to keep on topic even though you continued this off_topic thing Still_B so its your fault. How about doing - oh I don't know, maybe do a Highway patrol mod. Yeah that'll do, I've done my bit.