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V8 Supercars tire wear & fuel consumption

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by nangu, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I've been playing with the V8 Supercars, the first race of the championship season at Brasilia.

    First, I think there is a bug in the fuel/laps information in the garage, where the laps informed for the quantity of fuel selected is roughly half of the real laps you can drive with the amount of fuel given. The dashboard in car is Ok, so you have to check on board before to drive or enter the race, and can't rely on the garage's information.

    The second question is about tire wear and ai. In a 25 lap race, hard compound, ai lap times are better (for a tenth roughly) lap after lap. I think it´s OK because the track is rubbering and fuel is decreasing, but it's impossible to me to follow this trend because tire wear. I can go faster than ai for ten laps, but then my lap times get worse lap by lap and I finish nearly two or three seconds slower a lap after 25 laps. I tried to follow the two leading ai cars in order to see if I'm destroying the tires, trying to drive as smooth as possible, but at the end I get the same result.

    So, ¿Is the ai programmed to use the same level of tire wear than me, or I need to be super smooth (and probably 2 seconds slower a lap to get better tire wear)?

    The ai is at 100%. On qualy and the beginning of the race (for ten laps) I can lap 1 to 0.5 secs faster than ai cars, but I destroy the tires, while it seems the ai don't get affected by tire wear at all.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. kamackeris


    Be interested to know what others think about this. I assume ams ai uses different physics than us. I notice at the start of a race I just can't brake as well as the ai but can as my brakes warm up
  3. I think the only sim which uses the same physics for ai and player is assetto corsa, rfactor based sims use a relaxed physics engine for the ai drivers. But, the point is not if the physics are the same, the problem is if these two physics, and in this case tire wear, are balanced and as realistic as possible, hence my question about if tire wear is well implemented for the ai at current state of the sim or if it´s a wip.

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    I think that is similar to how it has been in SCE. The AI in SCE seem to gain 2 or 3 tenths in the second half of the race with the super v8 and I lose about 7 or 8 tenths in the second half. If you end up 2 or 3 seconds slower at the end I think you may find the overall time faster to take it a little easier on the tires, maybe .5-.8 of a second slower per lap in the beginning and perhaps you will only lose 1 second toward the end but be faster overall? Just a thought, although it sounds like you are already trying to be smooth and cautious on the tires. So maybe that won't do anything more.
  5. I think the problem might be particularly bad at Brasilia since that track is a bit harsher on the tires than others. This problem should be less noticeable at other circuits.
  6. Thanks Slalom and Szymon. I will try to be more cautious on the tires, but I'm affraid I never will be in ai league at it. May be I can be faster at the end, but it's ruined if I have to battle mid pack because being slower at first taking care of my tires.

    May be it's my driver style, but it's impossible to me to follow the tire degradation trend the ai has :-(

    I find very difficult to get a balance between ai performance and tire wear at this track to have a nice and competitive race. I'll try a different track to check if the conditions are the same.

  7. I can confirm that fuel consumption shown in the garage is plain wrong. I've just run a 50min/37 laps F3 race at Goiania and most of AIs stopped for fuel only once. According to the information in the garage I could run max 15 laps with max 40l of fuel. After the race I checked the log file. I could've easily extended each of my stints to run a one stop race just as most AIs did.
  8. AussieDucker


    The tire wear is terrible on these cars, but I don't know if it's realistic or not. At Goiania in the StockV8s I was losing just under a 1% on each tire per lap. Yet in the SuperV8 with hard compound tires, I was losing around 2% on each tire per lap and I wasn't even driving in anger, just lapping around.
  9. I haven't tried the game for a few months and the first car I tried was the SuperV8, I could hardly do a lap before the gear box broke.
    I don't remember it being an issue before I then tried the stock cars and had no issues.

    Has something changed lately?
  10. Just started driving these cars and my first few laps at Interlagos had my fronts cherry red in no time ( softs). Seems like you really need to tiptoe around and be very smooth as the tyres wear very fast. They are heavy cars, but you sure cant push in the corners. Lots of power though!
    Any one have driving/setup tips for the Super V8?
  11. Tim O'Glock

    Tim O'Glock
    Champion of Champions Premium

    Don't use the understeery default setup. Increase the rear ARB by a few clicks and try to steer the car with the throttle. Soft tyres should last for about 30 minutes at Interlagos.
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  12. PresidentSmug


    What do you mean by "drive with the throttle"? Apologies for the noob question but still fairly new to sim racing. I do like these cars so any tips are a god send as they are difficult for me.
  13. PieterN


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  14. Skid pad and traction circle 101 - A car only has so much grip. That grip can be distributed in any way you like but it always has to add up to the same. With respect to cornering you use grip by going faster through a corner or by going tighter through a corner. Since throttle adds speed it costs grip to use it so you can gain cornering tightness by easing off throttle while maintaining a steady wheel angle and vice versa rather than just scrubbing your tires by sawing the wheel constantly.

    Its a concept that's much more exaggerated or significant in some cars. The Formula Vee is a perfect trainer for that concept but its equally applicable to any car.
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  15. PresidentSmug


    Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated
  16. Thanks...tried new setup at Buenos Aires...much better...you still need to use a light hand with these beasts, but much more manageble. Thanks to P*Funk as well. These are not GT3 cars......
  17. Indeed, thankfully they're much much more interesting. :D
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