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V8 Supercars @ Bathurst - Sunday January 17th 2010

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ryan Callan, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Server Name:
    Mod: V8Factor 1.3 + 2009 Skinpack 1.22

    Track: Bathurst
    Event start: 09:00 GMT
    Practice: 30 minutes
    Qualification: 15 minutes
    Race: 14 laps
    Traction Control: Allowed on Low
    1. Click here to read the password and golden rules.

    2. Click here for help and recommended settings for this mod.

  2. Entry List:

    1. Ryan Callan
    2. Rhys Gardiner
    3. Philip Antonia
    4. Gary Lennon
    5. Anders Madsen
    6. Piotrek Blaszczak
    7. Warren Dawes
    8. Michael Hermann
    9. Ferry Koek
    10. Michael Stead
  3. Ja please, Ryan. :) Expect me to be four seconds off the pace. :tongue:
  4. I'll join in if that's alright. I'll see if I can get round this place without totalling my car :).
  5. So its a Sunday morning jaunt up the mountain?....i will seriously try to be there.
  6. will try to be there as well :veryhappy:
  7. I'll try to be there then. Now I just have to work out how rFactor works on-line. I tried it once a long time ago.
  8. These things are absolute pigs!

    And that's not a complimentary "PIGS"either!
  9. Sing Me up.I must try when season starts :D
  10. I'm managing to lap fairly comfortably in the 1.3 version of the cars. The better stability is really showing around this track. I'm loving Bathurst now :).

  11. You can add me to the list please Ryan, I'll bumble my way along hopefully and find my way around rFactor (and hopefully Bathurst too :D ).
  12. Any questions just ask :)

    Also if anyone's interested there is a setup in the help thread linked in the top post.
  13. Aw c'mon Glenn, there is even a Bundy Rum Holden there especially for you. :drool:

  14. I'll need a slab of Bundys finest to drive these things!
  15. TC is allowed on low and there is a setup in my previous post if needed :)
  16. Glenn, have you tried the latest version 1.3 ? I just tried a quick test on line with Ryan, using his base setup, and I found it easier to drive than that Viper CC you drove last weekend. Ok, I may have been a bit slow, but it felt quite nice to me, especially considering how tricky Bathurst can be.
    This version of Bathurst is very good, and I was most impressed with the graphic quality of this mod.

    I'm quite looking forward to this event, it will be a new experience for me.
  17. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

    I actually liked the older version of this mod better. The cars were more difficult to drive but more fun (more sideways). But that's just me ;)
  18. This mod is rapidly becoming all i really want to drive in :).
    The television coverage with the camera underneath the car looking at the front left tyre for example,you get to see the thing go light and even occasionaly lifting off the road momentarily,and then it gets loaded and squashes and deforms as the mentaller Aussie driver mashes the loud pedal through the floor :D.....well in this mod,i actually truly get a really good sense of that going on,i can practically "feel" it,the whole package for me is almost perfect with constant lovely feedback from the car.
    I see our Wazza is playing the "aww im a slow old bloke who just trudges round" card eh?....seen and heard that one before m8,i know yer game :p.
  19. He's sneaky that Warren alright. Just as fast as I was when I tried the mod for the first time also ;)

    And that tyre camera is awesome :D
  20. Sign me up for this, but I'm uncertain I'll make it. I'll let you guys know by about 5 pm (AEST) at least if I'll be able to make it. I'll be at my dad's house (my PC is at my mum's, so that means no sims at dad's house) from Friday to Sunday evening so I might make it or I might end up staying longer, it's a little out of my control.

    Now to get used to V8Factor, it's a bit strange compared to FVR. I find FVR less stable and twitchier under braking, but V8Factor is a lot more sensitive on acceleration. :D
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Not open for further replies.