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V8 Supercars 2013/2014 Mod

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by fryzzy28, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Thought I'd start a new thread because I've decided to model all the new COTF cars. Attached is a render of the Nissan Altima steering wheel with motec. I'll hopefully get an in game screen shot up soon, the motec is currently functional in game (digital tacho, position, gear, and lap indicators).

    Hope you like.


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  2. Thought people might like to see the work in progress VF Commodore.....

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  3. .... and you guys have seen these, but wanted to bring them over to this thread...... Nissan Altima in action (minus the cockpit) but that is complete, just working on texturing.

    Hope you like.


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  4. The Nissan Altima - looks great :)!
  5. Amazing work on the New White Motec . It just what a looking for longgggggg time . My respect for your work
  6. Thanks...... here is a few new screenshots of the Altima in action (interior textures are only draft, new UV mapping has been done and the new textures are next), but the motec in the cockpit screenshot is the final. Hope you like.

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  7. Looking really good man. Are you planning on doing all cars? If yes then probably not much point in me carrying on as all I wanted was a new mod to race with all cars available so if your planning on doing that then no need for me to spend time on the same stuff I can go back to focussing on dirt oval content.
  8. It's good that your trying and my respect to you.
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  9. Yeah I am more than happy to go down that path if someone is happy to co-ordinate stuff. Ideal scenario from my point of view would be that we focus on a car each until we get them done. I personally would also find it helpful if their was a group of unleashed mod team people to share the models with to help pick apart the models and highlight it's flaws or opportuinities. Working off pics from the net isn't really ideal but you work with what you have.

    It was always my intention for it to be aimed at a next gen game e.g. RF2 or AC. All of my other stuff is for RF2. Just waiting for it to get to a more stable build (final build or very close to).
  10. Hey Doug,

    What you dont realise is that the Altima is the first car that i have ever built. The reason i have put it in game is because it was a trial run to see if i could. Now that i know i can get it done, my approach has change.... but again i guess it is up to me what my workflow is.

    The altima was going to be released as an unofficial addon car to the ORSM mod but not sure that will be the case now.

    Hey Butters,

    Ive noticed previously that you were working on your models for ORSM to do textures, physics etc..... given that you have written support from ORSM it would be a shame to stop your development, as i dont have that same support.

    After Doug's feedback I'll probably shelve my work and wait for your's and ORSMs release. If you need any feedback let me know.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Haha.. yes, Be good. Don't look at me though. I'm far to critical.
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  12. don't care anymore.
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  13. I cant speak for butters, but i brought my work here because i was proud of it, but clearly you think that my models are sub-standard. Thats ok everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    The screenshots that you posted doug, are they your models?

    Can i also ask Butters, have you got written support from ORSM to take your models and get them in game?
  14. No sort of formal written confirmation. I just thought get them done and if to their standards then they would put them in game.

    And Doug I don't mind constructive criticism e.g. That bonnet is all wrong you are missing........ If it is specific at least it highlights what needs to change as opposed to as you said looks great or looks ****.
  15. I agree with you butters. Specific constructive feedback is good and welcomed.
  16. don't care anymore.
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  17. I don't have the talent or knowledge to mod Rfactor but I really appreciate the skills of anyone who mods Rfactor1 and I think the Altima looks great.

    I think it must be remembered that these models are not for a Retail Release or a Payware Mod, they are for people who enjoy racing V8 Supercars in Rfactor1. I have played some Triple AAA Racig Games such as GT6 which have some terrible Car Models and I can't imagine how many people worked on that game.

    So if 1, 2 or 3 people work together to create new COTF V8 Supercar Models, I tip my hat to everyone involved and you have my upmost respect.

    There are a lot of Modding Group's out there doing V8 COTF Mods for Rfactor 1 such FVR and the RSM Clan. Each of these Mods have the strengths and weaknesses and I look forward to playing both.

    After all the ORSM Models were not perfect but they look great and I certainly enjoy racing them in Rfactor 1 and respect all the hard work and effort it took to create this excellent mod.

    Even if V8 Supercars entered into an agreement to have a Retail Game created for V8 Supercars, people would still be complaining and it would most likely be this is too arcadey, the car models are not right, the tracks are not laser scanned and so on.

    I just like keeping it simple if a new car model makes a mod better and it makes it more fun to race this mod, I am one happy man.

    PS: I guess I have learnt in my life the feedback, especially via Email, SMS and or via a Website Forum that Feedback can be easily misinterpreted.

    That is why I always try and go out of my way to provide positive or negative feedback over the phone or in person as this allows both parties to communicate openly.


  18. No worries Doug. We get it. Our models need a lot of work to make them look like the models you posted.

    In the absence of specifics on how to make them look like those, it is a bit hard. You have told us that you are just being honest and i respect that, you have said that you dont just want to say they are good or bad, i respect that, but unfortunately I cant just see what you see without knowing what im looking for.

    Thank you for calling me a "looser", i guess you mean "loser", and im sorry to "waist", i guess you mean "waste", your time.

    When you have something specific to say, im happy to listen.
  19. Very good.
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  20. Haha.....
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