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V8 Supercar

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Eddy Diaz, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. V8 Supercars
    Race Meetings:
    · Every Wednesday night the first round of the night will start at 6:45PM, lobby opens at 6:30PM.
    · This series will start on December 12th

    · Cars must be Ford Falcon V8 Supercar or Holden V8 Supercar.
    · I know that it is impossible to not make contact at certain times so make as little contact as possible and any shunting of other cars out the way will be dealt with after the race.
    · Overtaking must be done between the white lines with at least two wheels on track.
    · Drivers that are returning to track must do so in a safe fashion to not wreck other drivers race.
    · Drivers must complete 1 pitstop.
    · Teams are only aloud a max of 2 drivers.
    · Teams must use the same livery design but sponsors and livery colours can be different.
    · Each driver must pick their own personal number that must be shown on both sides of the car.
    · Drivers or teams must stick to using the same car after starting the first race.
    · Driver changes can only take place after a season has finished.

    1st: 25 2nd: 18
    3rd: 15 4th: 12
    5th: 10 6th: 8
    7th: 6 8th: 4
    9th: 2 10th: 1
    · 1 addition point for leading a lap, each driver can only receive this point once per race.
    · 1 addition point will be appointed to the driver that sets the fastest lap.
    · Team points are earned through drivers points.

    · If you are unable to make a race, drivers must contact myself at least an hour before the race starts.
    · Three absences without notifying anyone will result in a removal from the series.

    · ABS: Off
    · Traction Control: on
    · Stability: Off
    · Gears: Any

    Round 1 & 2: Bernese Alps Stadtplatz Switzerland
    Round 3 & 4: Camino Viejo de Montserrat Spain
    Round 5 & 6: Infineon NASCAR Circuit America
    Round 7 & 8: Mugello Full Circuit Italy
    Round 9 & 10: Hockenheim Full Circuit Germany
    Round 11 & 12: Twin Ring Motegi East Circuit Japan
    Round 13 & 14: Road Atlanta Full Circuit America
    Round 15 & 16: Circuit de Catalunya National Circuit Spain
    Round 17 & 18: Silverstone International Circuit England
    Round 19 & 20: Suzuka Full Circuit Japan
    Round 21 & 22: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca America
    Doing a vote, should the Rally Di Positano Full Circuit be part of the calendar???
    If you are interested please reply with your Gamertag, Number, Car and Team name. I don't mind if you do not have a team name yet so you will have plenty of time between now and the 12th of December

    Thank you

  2. Hey guys,

    Just a little update, the series will start in January, still going to have online meetings every Wednesday so that we can all get to know fellow racers a bit better. If you are interested just reply or pm me.


  3. Hey Eddy,

    I'd be interested, but my XBL has recently ran out. Looking to renew it before 2013, but would there be a place for me in the race series?

    Just checking,

  4. Can I join your league. Are there still open slots.
    My gamer tag is Sentry Bravo
  5. Im sorry the time that we are doing this is not compatible with my time (US) it would be 12:00 or 1:00 for me
  6. Just a little update guys, going to have the first race meeting on Friday the 28th of December at 6PM(UK Time) before the series officially starts on the Wednesday 23rd of January at 6:45PM. Wanting to get regular meetings going just so that everyone gets to know each other so if you are interested add my gamer tag: Eddy R Diaz


  7. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Wish this were on the weekends. You would probably have many more racers.
  8. Hi Robert,

    I would be up for that!

    Anyone that reads these posts and if you are interested, would you rather do it at the weekends?

    Will change it if I get enough people up for that instead so please post!

  9. Going to organize a race meeting for Wednesday the 9th of January, if you are interested add me Eddy R Diaz or e-mail me at mustangdiaz@hotmail.com.

  10. At 6:45 guys, sorry forgot to put a time.