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V8 supercar tv style

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Michael Ford, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know of anywhere i can get a tv style for the channel 7 telecast for rfactor, exactly like what they have in real life? i reckon i would be great to have
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  2. thanks mate, thats awesome
  3. how do you install it????????
  4. Download the widget set and the rfDynHUD and unpack it from the winRAR archive into your rFactor folder.
  5. I can't find info re: rfDynHUD , and how it displays itself on a triple screen setup.
    whicn monitor does it display on, all on centre or splits itself over the 3 monitors, ?
  6. where ever u place on the screen like if u have it in the top left corner i'd imagen it would display on the right screen in the left ccorner
  7. i put all of them where i want and saved it all but it doesn't show up on the game?????
  8. ^^^^^^ any ideas why its not showing on the game ^^^^^
  9. r u running the game in administrator?
  10. no do have to?????
  11. i ran the game as administrator and it still didn't show
  12. do u have java 6 installed? if not install it!
  13. yes
  14. I've the same problem...Java 7 installed and running as admin..still doesn't work
  15. as far as i know its not compatible with java 7, i had the same problems and unistalled java 7, found a version of java 6 that was compatable with my version of windows and installed it,the TV style hasnt missed a beat since
  16. Here's hoping the CTDP people are still around, because someone needs to send a e-mail to them and ask if making a upgrade to their rfDynHUD to work with Java 7 is possible.
  17. i have java 6 and it doesn't work
  18. I'm running both J7U9 and J6U33 but J6 is a must otherwise you will have problems.
  19. i have java 6 and it doesn't work