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V8 Supercar "released"

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Hampus Andersson, May 21, 2012.

  1. Anyone tried it yet?

    EDIT: working 13.5 hours means the brain really isn´t in top condition right now, the build haven´t even been released yet :) Oh well, post your experiences here when it finally does arrive.

  2. Just tried it on Philip Island
    The car felt more slippery than otm.
    After few laps and playing with setup I could achieve the same times as before. Have to revise the setup still.
    Not bad after all :D
  3. Defiantly trying when I get home/out of work today. Should just leave now, you can see how busy I am :)
  4. Rear tires felt like they were made out of plastic.

    However i´ve learned not to base a car based on it´s baseline setup as iRacing seems to have no idea how to give out a good baseline.
    Caddy brings to mind. Baseline was made by monkeys then eventually setups came and it got really good.

    Have to reserve my full statement for when i get a proper setup.

    Btw, how much camber do they run IRL? Baseline had -6 for the front tires..
  5. What class is it? I watched a video from BTCC races and I was pretty surprised how much camber they use.
  6. Depending on tracks, between -4,0/-6,0 on the front and -1.0/-3.0 on the rear.
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  7. Ok so it is that much, i mean i knew they ran a lot it´s hard not to see that but never in my life did i expect -6.

    I turned it down to 3 in the front for PI and it seemed to work better except in the very high speed stuff.

    Got a setup from Shane Van Gisbergen now so will try that one tomorrow :)

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  8. I think the car is much better, but you have to be real easy with it. I am slow but I had alot of fun with it last night in practice.
  9. Quoted on the iRacing forum by Simon Canning:

  10. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    haha, I like his comment about iRacing getting Bathurst.
  11. Pretty hard to argue against three V8 Supercar drivers saying it´s close to being spot on in every way.

    We just need better setups, they will come and they will change the car completely i believe and that´s when we finally will get the "ahaa" moment.

    Just like the Caddy, it´s awesome now with proper setups.
    It was horrendous without them.
  12. What did you think of Shane's setup Hampus? Out of the ones I tried (shared setups in practice) I think its pretty good. It took me a while to get used to how the car turns and reacts when you press on the throttle. It defiantly doesn't handle like the Corvette or the Ford GT :), nor does it brake as well. I ended up mid pack in practice and was 3 seconds off the fastest time and it was the first time I spent anytime in the car. Which to be honest is where I usually fall except at Watkins.
  13. I´m ashamed to say i haven´t tried the setup yet, been working the last couple of days so i´m either to tired or don´t have the time to sit down and do some laps :)
    Will work all weekend as well but hopefully my shift ends 15.30 tomorrow so i will get some running then.

    Yea with the running i did that was what caught me the most, throttle control.
    I think guys running CST´s or any other pedals with a long throw will cope with it better then us with CSP´s or even G27´s etc. would like a tiny bit more travel.

    But i think with a better setup it should be alright, i had a DWC driver saying my throttle application was unreal, very smooth curve apparently (checked in Atlas)
    So at least i got something going for me :)

    It would be great if we maybe could get a league going here that replicates one or two of the races they do in real life.
    Just need to promote the hell out of it and maybe do a broadcast as it´s always nice to watch the race the day after :)

    Btw, Mustang is expected to come with the NTM on Monday according to Steve on Twitter.
  14. Really? Didn't exepct the Stang to be on the NTM at all, heh. I am going to try it for sure, I spent a lot of time with Mustang so I owe him something.
  15. I used Shane's setup in my race last night (0:45 GMT). The race was pretty good for my first time racing that car. With attrition and a few mistakes on pit road from other people I was second with 10 laps left. I ended up finishing 4th, should have finished 3rd but I messed up my braking going into a hairpin and ended up in the grass and that let the 3rd place guy to get by on the last lap :(.

    I like the feel of Shane's setup, but I am curious on a few things. So Shane's setup has pretty "high" air pressure (above 25 psi), other setups I have seen are around 16-18 psi. With Shane's setup it had pretty good grip (well good grip for this car) for 3-4 laps, then it all went downhill and was very slippery until I pitted and took on new tires. I forgot see what the temps or tear wear was, but from lap 5-24ish it felt pretty much the same, maybe a little worse towards the end. From lap 2 to lap 6-7 my lap times dropped 2 seconds, then they where consistent for rest of the stint. Now from my understanding to keep tire temps lower you would raise the air pressure right? I am guessing it was slippery is because of high tire temps. Before in testing I tried the lower pressure setups and I found them to lose grip after 2 laps and to be almost undriveable after 5 laps. Is this do to high tire temps? In short is it common with cars on the NTM to loose grip that quick. To me honest I didn't really notice it in the Corvette.

    I found in this car you have to be very gentle on the throttle and the brakes are pretty poor (compared to other gt cars in iRacing). Overall I think the NTM on this car is way better then the OTM, and maybe after a few weeks there might be a setup out there that makes it easier to get back in the throttle and for the tires to hold grip better for the whole fuel stint.
  16. Managed to get a few laps in now. Shane´s setup was definitely better, it now feels more similar to what i had in mind the real thing felt like.

    However i also realized that no matter how good this car gets, it´s not for me.
    Has anyone found the brakes? I sure haven´t, it seems to stop on the laws of nature alone :)

    I can do a whole list of stuff i don´t like with the car, i just can´t seem to push the car at all because if i do it will just understeer.

    I don´t like cars i have to caress all the time, i´m sure the racing is great but i also think that is the whole reason why the cars produce good racing.
    Everyone is babying the car around all the time.

    With that said, as Greg mentioned, NTM is miles better then the OTM which i refused to race, it was plain and simple crap and ridiculously unrealistic.

    I´ll wait for the Mclaren and Honda HSV, i need cars you can really push and hang on the brakes and be aggressive with.

    I´ve seen some aggressive laps IRL with the V8 but now i realize they are not aggressive one bit, they are extremely gentle but due to the horsepower it just looks so aggressive.
  17. Oh and i absolutely hate Phillip Island. It´s a wonderful place but i just hate this track more then any track in the world for some reason.
  18. Do you have rf2?
  19. I will give the car some more time when setups start to come from other guys and maybe a different track with more grip. I think PI is considered a "slippery" track like Okayama.

    What is your point? Try out a V8 mod for RF2?
  20. He wants your opinion on rF2 as a whole :)