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V8 Supercar 4 Sim Audio Comparison

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by M D Gourley, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    I thought I would do a basic Audio comparison between the V8 Supercars in the 4 Sims I have, pCARS, Game Stockcar Extreme, rFactor 2, and iRacing and also using the classic combination Track 'Bathurst' in Australia.

    The Audio of the Supercars does vary considerably in each Sim from Cockpit audio to external audio in replays...so depending on your PC's audio set up, I personally prefer Reiza's GSCE audio with their Super V8 in Cockpit view and rFactor 2's 'FVR V8 Supercar' coming in a close 2nd.
    What is Reiza's new 'Automobilista Audio going to be like...if GSCE is anything to go by...it's going to be awesome

    Sim racing footage recorded with FRAPS then edited in Cyberlink Power Director 11 Ultra.
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  2. ouvert


    well cause Reiza is doing it like this :)
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  3. I think people are expecting waaaaaay too much from AMS. This isnt some new game that has been in develpment for 5 yrs. It's just a repackaged SCE in 2016 that has all of the crowdfunding campaign features/content, and some additional improvements to AI, tracks being updated, etc.

    Maybe the sound will be better, but I doubt it. Hasnt been talked about at all as far as I know in the backer forum. :p

    That said, Reiza's version of the Super V8 sounds amazing to me. One of the best sounding cars in sim-racing personally. And I would have to say that pCARS version is easily one of the worst in sim-racing. Sounds like a digitized vacuum on par with GT.
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  4. xnorb


    Although that's the case for sure, i think the little changes that will be made (especially talking graphics here) will give it a bit of a different vibe.

    But ya, i absolutely love the sound of the V8s in SCE.
    To me the Marcas sound horrible, but for most of the cars i love the sounds and usually turn the volume a little bit up :D
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  5. ouvert


    first time I heard Marcas I though there is a bug .. well they sound that terrible in real life :)
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  6. ouvert


    :) really terrible
  7. i actually like the sound of Marcas cars
  8. iRacing 1st, GSCE a close 2nd.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
  9. I can never really enjoy most iRacing cars because they all sound like they have the exact same gearbox sound that makes everything feel so generic, at least in terms of GT cars.
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  10. lol pCARS just sounds like every other car in pCARS. GSCE is easily the best for me.
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  11. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    I like the sound of Marcas Cars in real ...have been at the Interlagos Race in December. Sound in Videos never come close to real sound....