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AU V8 Stock Cars @ Brasilia - Sunday 12th June 2016

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Club & Leagues' started by Chris, Jun 11, 2016.

Added to Calendar: 12-06-16
  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    Stock cars.jpg It's short notice, but there's still a chance! Join us for a relaxed Sunday drive :)

    All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge!

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    Cars: Brazilian V8 Stock Cars
    Track: Brasilia

    Practice: 20:00 AEST (10:00 GMT) - 30 minutes
    Qualifying: 20:30 AEST (10:30 GMT) - 15 minutes
    Race: 20:45 AEST (10:45 GMT) - 45 minutes

    Entry List:
    1. Sniper
    2. Jack
    3. Sean Rogers
    4. AlexSchmurtz
    5. Kevin Harris
    6. millen
    7. John Lock
    8. Jeremy Talbot
    9. Dachsos
    10. Mark Breslin
    11. Chris Stacey
    12. Destroy72
    13. Matt
    14. Premium Slot
    15. Premium Slot
    16. Premium Slot
    17. Premium Slot
    18. Premium Slot
    19. Premium Slot
    20. Premium Slot
    21. Premium Slot
    22. Premium Slot
    23. Premium Slot
    24. Premium Slot
    25. Premium Slot
    26. Freemium Slot
    27. Freemium Slot
    28. Freemium Slot
    29. Freemium Slot
    30. Freemium Slot
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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

  3. Sniper

    Premium Member

    sniper and trooper are in:) no wives=Fun Fun Fun
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  4. AussieDucker

    Premium Member

    ****ing working at 7:49pm :poop:

    I am so down for anything next weekend. May I suggest V10's at Melbourne or Spa?
  5. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    Sweet as!!! I'm in, thanks Chris :)
  6. mokkun

    Turtle Racing Premium Member

    Put me as a maybe please
  7. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    That will make a full racing weekend, put me in please Chris!
    @Craig Patteson Maybe you're available too?
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  8. Craig Patteson

    Craig Patteson
    Natural Born Racer XB1 Gamertag RIPDazza8405 Premium Member

    Will let you guys know abit later on
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  9. Kevin Harris

    Kevin Harris
    Fastest driver in the world to the first corner Premium Member

    Yes please
  10. millen

    Premium Member

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  11. John Lock

    John Lock

    5 4 3 2 1 count me in :whistling:, great Sunday racing again :)
  12. Erhan Jajovski

    Erhan Jajovski
    Premium Member

    I will take a break, but thank you for the tag. :)
  13. Craig Patteson

    Craig Patteson
    Natural Born Racer XB1 Gamertag RIPDazza8405 Premium Member

    ill try to be there
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  14. Fred Locklear

    Fred Locklear
    Moving bollard Premium Member

    Not sure if I can make it. I am dead tired right now. Depends on if I can get some good sleep before morning :)
  15. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    Well, go quickly to bed then! You should not be still around... :p
  16. Fred Locklear

    Fred Locklear
    Moving bollard Premium Member

    Ha! I have to put some quality TV watching time with the wife since I have been racing all day :). Then in about 3.5 hours I need to take my telescope out and see if I can capture on video the Space Station transiting in front of the Moon. THEN I can think about some sleep :)
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  17. Jeremy Talbot

    Jeremy Talbot
    SpeedyMite Alpha Premium Member

    I should be there :)
  18. wildman2132

    When in Doubt, Throttle Out... Premium Member

    gonna be another early morning for me sign me up plz!!
  19. millen

    Premium Member

    Is this going to be Brasilia Full, or the outer circuit?
  20. Sniper

    Premium Member

    Small one, the practice server is up