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V8 Factor V1.3

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Sam J Simpson, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. :O - thanks Sam.
  2. Fully tested out - lots of changes involved. Will be posting a temporary download link to include that, the 2009 skinpack updates and the backfire update.

    There's a 206 1.1 patch out too, what's going on?
  3. Hmmmm.... Christmas. :)

  4. *****IMPORTANT*****

    New patches have been released for V8Factor and the 2009 Skinpack.

    Find the full download here. Please delete the folders GameData\Sounds\V8Factor and GameData\Vehicles\V8Factor before installing the new updated mod.

    The patch involves some physics changes as well as some setup options, please explore the changes fully.
  5. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    Thanks Ryan, I am all updated and ready to go :thumb:
  6. Hiya,

    The 2009 skins pack has the wrong name on Shane's car... It is spelt Ginsbergen and not Gisbergen... here is a corrected window file:


    it needs to be placed here:

    ...\GameData\Vehicles\V8Factor\Teams_Ford_2009\Sto ne Brothers Racing 2009\

    use or not use causes no online mismatches etc...
  7. Doing the update is too complicated for me :(
  8. Ignore Gunthar's link for now - just download my link and overwrite any files.
  9. Shambles!!!!

    I hope rF2 can tidy up this mods scene a bit....i think i done the 1.3 update,but i cant join online races now in the lobby.
  10. Are they themselves running the 1.3 patch?

    Did you download my link and just overwrite everything?
  11. Server title said 1.3 on 1.3 Bathurst,but it appears i now dont have Bathurst at all in my Locations folder,looks like the uninstall then fresh install i done removed that for me..(a nice touch),currently removed everything V8Factor related and even deleted all my previous install files,im sick of this hit or miss carry on to install a mod,dont be so lazy you mod makers....
  12. Ah - that, Mr Lennon, would be because my upload doesn't include Bathurst 1.3 :D. It is lazy if you ask me, because if you use their method you need two downloads anyway which is a ball-ache. And 3 downloads for the skinpack and a download for the backfire update. So i endeavoured to put it all in one download. But without the track for obvious reasons. For some bizarre reason there is no seperate download available for Bathurst 1.3. You have to download the original and then download the patch for V8Factor 1.3 in general?????.

    I'll get Bathurst 1.3 uploaded for you - gimme a few mins.
  13. I'm going to bed but when it's uploaded it'll be here - http://www.filefront.com/user/RedApex.

    Be about 30-40 minutes I would guess. Sorry, uploading two things at once atm, else would be done in 20 mins.
  14. Glad to see you are still enjoying the mod. The 2009 skin pack looks fantastic too.
  15. I second Bacon's remarks, I tip my hat the the community for their efforts. Great site btw guys, good to have a new home.
  16. Great to have you here. :)
  17. Anychance of a re-up of the 1.3 mod+09 skins, the File is dead in the link.