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v150 AI are now blind.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Randy Schulze, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. The AI across the board are ramming from behind and acting as if they cannot see my car. I find it impossible to race against them. I tried all the settings and behavior was the same.
  2. PieterN


    Which cars and which tracks, and what are the settings you use for the AI. I don't have unusal problems racing the Super V8's.
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  3. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Please give us more information - which cars and tracks did you try, what are your AI settings, do you have any mods installed, Steam or non-Steam... the more info, the better :)
  4. My experience with AI so far has not been inconsistent with it historically and only happens for certain in that same place that they never fail to ram you.
  5. Yeah I wish the AI aggression slider wasn't removed.
    Even on Low settings, that in itself is too high or atleast feels too high for open wheel.
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  6. i dont see also any reason why the slider was removed
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  7. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    what i believe is that above a certaon level the AI start to become a little too ridiculous. (over the 40 mark) so to stop people complaining about the AI at the above level they removed the higher section of aggressivness. I still think the ai are a tad boring to drive against imo. I know people dislike the AC ai, but i find them challenging, i have to defend corners against them. GSC ai are sitting ducks down straights and dont temp a overtake out of drafts. I know reiza know this and i do bang on about this. I suppose the AI is stopping me playing gssc for the moment. :(

    Not a biggie but the AI in the open wheelers still do that warping thing like race07 did, when you get inside their wheel boundaries they warp forward, but ive seen this in tintops too?!

    I personally think they have hit the limit of this engine really.
  8. xnorb


    That's what i already mentioned during the Beta.
    The medium setting now feels way more aggressive (aka: blind) than before 1.50.
  9. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    The AI code is generally the same, only the way aggression settings are defined, and car / track specific performance parameters - generally some cars may be faster of slower, but you also may notice them understeeering or oversteering more or less because of these adjustments. The goal is always to round up both performance and handling but with the variety of cars and tracks we have it can be a bit of a "short blanket" situation where you cover for an issue, you might uncover something elsewhere. No changes done to AI awareness or paths though since v1.38.

    Reports on specific issues with v1.50 are welcome in the bug report thread, just please make sure to include all the relevant settings to reproduce the issue - what car, what track, what strentgh and aggression setting as they all play a part in the result.

    BTW the full aggression range is still available from the PLR (under AI Realism) if you want to escape the constraints of the in-game presets, just keep in mind we set them to those constraints for a reason :)
  10. I personally think the AI is the best I've raced with the gmotor engine. I just don't know if it's placebo when the AI move into your line or rear end you when you know you've hit your brake marker perfect.
    I've seen ai oversteer/understeer off track or just plain lose it. It doesn't happen that often to break realism.
    But the open wheel it's safer putting AI agression at 5% I found and even then there can be contact but it depends on the open wheel.
    The formula 3 series is OK track depending but the classic cars are awful as is the the Formula 1 stuff. Yet the Formula Vee races just fine.
    It's just as you say gone to the engine limits. R-Factor always had awful AI so it is commendable what Reiza have done. Best Sim I've used that's for sure.
  11. I dont know if is a question of aggression settings or other things, but for me, the 1.38er ai was just perfect, like a gentlemen mode. (aggression set to min) In comparison to 1.50, the 1.38er ai let me more space while overtaking and drives more to prevent a collision. This is gone.. on every settings.

    I wish, Reiza let us know how can reset the ai to the 1.38 standing. Change "ai realism" parameter in the plr file has no effect.

    (Steam, Win7_64..)
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  12. I guess AI is very good. I just try the new Lancer R & RS models, but i can´t find any serious flaw. I have no time for multiplayer and to tell the truth, I prefer the AI behavior than the people on line. Stock Car Extreme and RaceRoom has the best AI for the moment in my opinion.
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  13. U dont see the difference ?

    The ai code is the same, nice to hear, but why drives the ai so loutish ?
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  14. I don't think they are using the talent files?
  15. I agree, its still the best ai on the market, but on my system the 1.38er was much better. Its a fact.
    Mostly i drive the Cart_Extreme mod and other good add mods like patricks quality. Its a big ai difference in this mods.

    Thats an interesting question.
    When the computer don't read the talent files correctly from the add mods, that would be maybe a bug.
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  16. Easy enough to test, set one of the drivers "speed=1" in the talent file and see if it slows that particular driver down to a crawl, I had mine working great in 1.38 but now they seem to be ignoring them? I thought it may be because of renaming the mod class? They have to look in a particular folder i.e. "SuperV8" but I'm not sure where they get that value from?
    I've seen this a lot in rFactor with naming issues, computers will only look for what they are told, spelling etc has to be exact!
  17. I think u are right. I have Zanardi set to Speed=1, but i dont see any difference. His speed is still good.

    U posted in the bug report, good..
    Edit: Why u talking about veh files ? My talent files has a .rcd extension ?
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  18. If you think that is the case, you need to give proper detail and report it as a bug instead of the general comment. I just tested your theory in Formula Classics and they are definitely using the talent files.

    Edit - looks like you have now posted it - then maybe it is only mods, and you need to check your talent folder naming, as you said yourself, it is important it is accurate.
  19. I need to know what value it uses to look up the talent folder name i.e is it class name, mod name or something else?