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v1.5 Strange FFB behavior

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Mat Kane, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. I don't want to add a bug post until I know there's more than one person experiencing this, but...

    I'm having deadzone issues with my G27 and v1.5 - most noticeable in the Formula Extremes when moving weight from left to right, on the esses at Kansai, for example. The wheel will load up, and as I switch direction, there is no feel in the wheel at all for about 8-10 degrees, then all of a sudden a big kick of force on the other side. It's also happening at seemingly random points (but the same points each lap, with no particular surface feature change) around the circuit, FF just dies and returns. I thought it might be my wheel but everything was fine in 1.38, and no change in Assetto Corsa.

    It's made the game all but unplayable. Anyone else?
  2. I have a G25 and thought that there seems to be more of a deadzone than before, could be related?
  3. Hmm. Not sure to get it, but perhaps You should try to reverse The Ffb. In controls, put +100 if you are at -100 (or The opposite process)
  4. my g27 works fine
  5. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i have the new beta, and at300 gte, and i found the extremes to feel very light. Somethings been introduced, maybe its time for car specific FFB.
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  6. I can say that for a moment I had this same problem (F-Extreme / Spa), but when you close and open the Logitech Profiler, everything returned to normal and never had trouble. I have no idea what happened, but everything is ok now.
  7. Thanks Wedsley, I'll give it a try, it might be worth it for me to create a new game profile in Logitech Profiler. Everything seems much better in the Lancers, but there's still the sensation that the FF is cutting in and out around the circuit.

    I'm running in an F1 league and we're using the third party Rodriguez track this week (I know, I know, it's a mod...) but it's really bad for me with the Extremes. I'll have resistance all the way down the main straight, keeping the wheel centered, right up until I approach the braking zone. Without any warning, the wheel goes loose, any steering input is super sensitive and I'm pitched into the gravel four out of five times. It happens in the esses on the back part of the same track. I'll be switching directions - steering resistance is lost - and then *bang* it suddenly kicks in.

    I have a backup of v1.35 on my machine and everything works fine with it. Something is up.

    I'm hoping we don't have to go to car specific FFB. For me that was the beauty of GSC, I could just just jump in and go and it worked. I spend more time farting around trying to get the FF right in AC than actually driving, so I barely bother with AC any more.
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  8. I discovered how to resolve this issue. Just put all sensibility in 0% in controller 3 :D


  9. I only now got around to properly try 1.50, and the FFB (which was beautiful before) is gone. In straight lines it feels very light, then builds up quickly in corners and flattens out early. The CSW can put out way more force though, so if it's clipping it has to be soft clipping. Ruins the game for me, quite frankly.
  10. And I am pretty sure they will fix this issue soon. The g27 FFB is flawless.