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v1.3C Bug Reports

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bram, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Here is the first one. Reinstalled the game completely
    • NKP site doesnt find my email address to send reactivation code!
    • Can't assign gears (pedal shifter) in initial setup menu
    • When using H-shifter on G27 the third gear makes the camera look to the left
  2. it's an update, you need to keep your driver and license folders from the earlier version.
    You set up paddles in controller config left/right and the use shifter box will activate the 6 gears in the g27.
  3. I can´t get it work with SoftTH has anyone got it working?
  4. Its not 1.3c its 1.3 final
  5. It is an update, I installed over the top and it kept my driver file, setups and softth config. it does work with softth, although you have to set force width + height.
  6. It is NOT an update. It requires a completely new clean install to guarantee it functions properly.

    Back up your driver and license folders from mydocuments/netKar Pro, then delete that folder. Uninstall any older version of the sim (back up any addon tracks you have first) and then do a completely fresh install of 1.3 final. You need to start the sim once for it to create a new netKar Pro folder in my documents i believe. Put you license and driver folders back in there, put your addon tracks in your main 1.3 final install folder and you should be good to go.
  7. I just installed it in a new folder. Old install and everything in place.
  8. yeah I just installed over the old vs and no issues...yet.
    I did notice in the Osella @ Aviano that the dreaded join lag seems worse. Twice as i approached the sweeper, I got the mssg that blah blah has joined the race and, massive stutter, freeze and off the track etc. It always seems worse if you are at full throttle.
    might try the clean install.
  9. Massive Stuttering

    Hello i have nvidia gtx 580 and i cant play, i did a fresh install and copied my licences and drivers folder , after setup i launched the game and it ran good at first, but when i exited to the settings menu to activate the linear brake pedal option and came back to track the screen is frozen and my wheel g25 starts spinning around.

    Help please.
  10. I'm having some problems with my pedals, when I join a server or load an off-line session everything goes fine, then if I go out and re-join again when I use the gas pedal, the green bar moves, but there's no engine sound and the car doesn't move at all.

    Then I exit the server go to options-controls, just say ok and all is fine again. I have no idea what is doing that, pretty annoying!
  11. Seems to be fixed with a new NKP install.
  12. What is the final version number as reported when you start the sim? I started NKP yesterday and it automatically brought up the update window and gave me the option to upgrade. After a very fast download and restart, it reported up-to-date with version # being displayed
  13. As I believe, it is 1.3 final, meaning the next update will be 1.4, I doubt they're calling it a complete game just yet.
  14. I am facing some weird issue with my installed.. ( I haven't moved or deleted the older NetKar folder in MyDocuments" which contains license, setting etc ).

    When loading the session on few cars like 1600 and 2000, the wheel vibrates like hell and the graphics are all broken, with screeching and banging sound. there seems to be no issue with other cards though.

    Can anyone shed few light on my issue please.

  15. Rename your old netkar folders C:\nkpro13 and in My Documents and reinstall downloaded new version and apply auto-update patches. Copy your license file and driver folder from your backed up folder in My Documents into the new folders.
    If you are copying old setups across, be careful to only copy your own setup files and not game-generated files in the setup folder.
  16. I have done a clean installation after removing my old NetKar Installation folder, and also applied the auto patch. Its just that I didn't removed the MyDocument folder. Do I need to reinstall NetKar, do the update and copy over the license and driver file from the old MyDocument folder? Or, removing the myDocument folder will do the trick?

  17. Short answer: yes. the my/documents folder is the active one once you are up and running and needs to be a fresh install. The only folders you need to keep from the earlier vs are: Driver, License (my/documents) and Tracks ( Netkar13/tracks, if you have add on tracks). Don't install the old versions of the default tracks as they have been upgraded in 1.3 Final. I also kept the car skins and texture folders because they contained upgraded car and steering/cockpit files and would be a major pain to redownload and install.
  18. Sure, thanks .. I'll try doing everything fresh again and maybe copy the license and driver file over.

  19. I tried fresh install of netKar and copying back the license and driver file over. But still the same issue with Aberth, 1600 etc...

    I even did fresh installation and without copying the license and driver files (all clean, lost 1 activation in the process). And Still no luck.
    Something is really messed up... My installer is the one from the direct link at netKar Pro.

    And suggestion and advice will be highly appreciated.

  20. I have the same issue by the sounds of it with the Abarth, F1600 and F1800. All the other cars are fine.

    What GFX card do you have? And what driver version?

    tbh, I don't know the fix, I still have the problem (Having enough fun with the other cars), but more information could be helpful for the developers.