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V-sync? what is it

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Steven Palmer, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. guys just a quick question. what is v-sync and how does it affect my game (GTRe)

    Core2Duo 6850 2GB OCZ pc8500 RAM 8800GTX :thumb:
  2. Vertical synchronization (v-sync, vbl-sync) refers generally to the synchronization of frame changes with the vertical blanking interval. Since CRTs were nearly the only common video display technology prior to the widespread adoption of LCDs, the frame buffers in computer graphics hardware are designed to match the CRT characteristic of drawing images from the top down a line at a time by replacing the data of the previous frame in the buffer with that of the next frame in a similar fashion. If the frame buffer is updated with a new image while the image is being transmitted to the display, the frame buffer gives it the current mishmash of both frames, producing a page tearing artifact partway down the image.
    Vertical synchronization eliminates this by timing frame buffer fills to coincide with the vertical blanking interval, thus ensuring that only whole frames are seen on-screen.
    Computer games often allow vertical synchronization as an option, because it delays the image update until the vertical blanking interval. This can cause lowered frame rates due to latency (the period of the refresh rate at maximum), which might be undesirable in games that require fast response (e.g. first person shooters).
    VSYNC is also the name of the signal indicating this frame change in analogue RGB component video.
  3. Wow Jarrod, spoken like a true techy guy. :thumb:

    Now, in laymans terms for me, should we enable it or not with LCD monitors? :p
  4. It's a trial thing, try it on and see what happens. It may be smoother, for me it just makes it jerky.
  5. I tried this yesterday and suddenly while checking replays my pc reboots.... turned it off and retried what I was doing before, no problems anymore. It was killing my framerate
    - GeForce 7600GT -
  6. Hmmm, i may have to try it, i just left it well alone, simular to the anti thingy too, i think i can have up to 4x or something, not a clue!

    But i can play, so thats all that counts!

  7. I use vsync for several reasons, firstly using a TFT you are stuck at a refresh of 60 or 70Hz (depending on screen) and therefore your screen is locked to refershing 60 times a second, no more, no less.

    So why have you graphics card working flat out to push 90-100... 120 fps? All it's doing is generating heat and using power, applying vsync makes my 4870 run much cooler and is therefore much more stable.

    In addition not using vsync can create screen tearing on your TFT, some people aren't sensitive to it but myself I can see when a TFT is tearing or not working at optimal refresh.

    Unfortunately you may find vsync doesn't work perfectly with your graphics card and/or driver, you may get anomoly or crashs because of it. For me it works fine, so I use it.

    It should be noted that my system can easily handle a constant 60fps at full detail and perhaps that's why I don't get any problems:

    AMD 5000 BE @ 3.35GHz, 2GB DDR2 @ 900MHz, ATi 4870 @ 800/2GHz 1024MB.
  8. Go look here ...
    Nvidia Graphics Settings ... Guide and examples

    ... there is a link from there to a graphics setup guide, which should help you understand and answer this and most other graphics set up questions you have :thumb:

    (EDIT: Mod's, would this not be best in Tech Support Forum?)
  9. Thanks Lee, im a complete N0ob and dont tick anything unless i know what it does!

  10. Agreed.

  11. NP ... if you browse the tech support forum there are lots of other graphics and pc tweaking tips from both me and others :thumb:
  12. Thanks to everyone that answered:thumb: I've tried it ON and OFF and I can't say I can see any difference. I'm going to keep it ON. Cheers all:becky:
  13. Actually V-Sync should lower your frame rates significantly as Vsync will sync your frame rate to the refresh rate on your monitor.

    For Example when I run GTR Evo with VSync off I get 120 or so FPS when I run with Vsync on I only get the 60 FPS that is the Hz rating on my monitor. While 60-75 is all that the human eye can really distinguish why artificially limit your FPS?
  14. I keep it on just to avoid the chance of graphics tearing - last thing you want in the middle of a race.
  15. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    If you have a pc configuration which gives you enough fps with VSync off, with enough i mean 100 or more then i would suggest you to to turn on VSync. Better picture quality and frames are in sync with the refreshrate.

    Just try it and if it does not work good turn it off.

    I suggest you run D3DOverider too then you have the best picture quality and speed.
    This is added with Rivatuner.
  16. Read more about Riva Tuner here