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Apparel V.Rossi 2013 Helmet 1.0

Season and Pre-season 2013

  1. jose46 submitted a new resource:

    V.Rossi 2013 Helmet (version 1.0) - Season and Pre-season 2013

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  2. shiiiiitttt...niiiiiccceee!!!!
  3. First helmet looks insanly good.

  4. Yeah :thumbsup:
  5. :thumbsup: Awesome,thank you.
  6. ive never really got why you guys make rossi helmet if u like rossi so much why don't u play motor gp?
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  8. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Maybe they do? How do you know they don't?

    And why can't they create a MOD that they want to do?

    If you don't understand it as you put it......just don't comment on it. Simple as that really!
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  9. LOL!
  10. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Don't understand what you find so amusing. Nothing I said was mean't to be.
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  11. so u only want us to think F1, , life would be pretty dull if everyone thinks like you..LOL
  12. Let's not de-rail the thread of this awesome piece of work hey folks ;)
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  13. Esta arrechisimo el casco, gracias!
  14. In a motogp game i can not drive with a handlebar, in f1 I can with wheel xD
    I just realise Rossi helmets because it is one of my idols. Making mods is very complicated and I will not be doing all that people want. I do not like spending too much time with photoshop.
    Just share what little I can do, and hope you like it. Sorry google translator...:D
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  15. Loved it!:thumbsup:
  16. jose46 awesome Job here looks amazing. I have a question pls help me i want to render my own helmets but i cant im using 3ds max2010 which program do u use? Please give me a hand i can export the dds files i alrdy installed a plugin but seems it doesnt work because I can't open it I hope u can give me some advice on how to open this files or which process do u do thanks a lot and again amazing job PS: Vr46 is my idol too LOL
  17. thank you very much :)
  18. how to install helmets to f1 2012 ?
  19. go to your F1 2012 directory and then go to characters and copy to bespokehelmets this is like I do.sorry my english ;):thumbsup: