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using track editor for flight simulation

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by amigoface, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. hi

    is it possible to adapt the track builder to make models for flight simulations
    that include runways/ taxiways ... and such objects

    then export the result to a 3d model software like blender for more modeling and texturing

    thanks and good day
  2. yes it's possible - you can export your project in directx (X files) and import these files in 3DS max with PandaXport ..or other importer for this files :)
  3. good ...

    one remaining question :

    - does the exporter export the complete track, i mean 3d models/textured/.... etc ?
  4. Some free versions of 3dSimed can't import .X files. You can then export the track to rFactor and import gmt's. You will recognise track, terrain, walls, objects and S-objects by file names. The other way is to export in parts - especially objects - you would have to delete some of them from btb temporarily to avoid quesing which ones you take. 3dSimed recognises textures, but for using them later in Max, I suggest to name the textures in 8.3 format at the beginning.
  5. I just got the message from the good people that it's 100% better to import from rFactor gmt's - this way you can repair broken strings from materials in Max! When you import .X to 3dSimed - it's a trap... :)