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Using CamHack for better driving views

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. I posted this in the RBR Club (Rally Frosty Finland) forum, but I'll add it here for better recording, in case it helps others.

    Many cars in RBR or RSRBR have cockpit driving views that may not suit everyone, some are difficult to see the track, especially after the windscreen gets smashed badly. CamHack is a useful little tool to help here. You can set up preset custom driving views, including a hood/bonnet view that comes in handy if you smash the windscreen.

    Attached is the Readme file from CamHack, don't know why they didn't include the readme in RSRBR since it includes the CamHack mod.

    CamHack is already included in RSRBR2010 and can be loaded by pushing the button in RSCenter. You then have to set keys for enabling/disabling the mod, although default keys are already mapped. Have a look at them though, so you can see what keys do what. There are lots of options for adjusting things, but I basically only use forward, backwards, up, down.

    You will probably have to set up the preset views to suit the car you plan to drive, the views vary from car to car. I always setup my preset view during a practice session off-line, that way I have plenty of time to fine-tune the view.

    1. Keep CamHack running while running RBR (just minimise it).

    2. When the Rally stage starts, hit the key to enable CamHack (it's * by default). You can disable Camhack whenever you want to go back to standard views (it's / by default).

    3. With CamHack enabled, make sure you are in one of the two cockpit views, and adjust the view (driving position) by moving the camera back, forwards, up, down. You can get more sophisticated by playing with FOV etc, but I usually don't bother.

    4. Once you get it to a desired driving view, save that position by hitting the "save" keys. By default that is "Left Control" or "left Alt" plus a number key (across the top of the keyboard, not the keypad). That key number then becomes your preset view for that car. Next time you start the game or stage, make sure you have CamHack loaded, activate it (the * button) when the stage starts, hit your preset key number, and away you go.

    5. You can also setup more than one preset view by saving them to different numbers, and swap to those by hitting the preset key. eg. I have tried setting one to a better cockpit view for realism, but then a second to a bonnet view for when I smash the windscreen too badly.

    6. You can swap back to the default views, by deactivating CamHack anytime by hitting the / key.

    Ok that is a rough explanation, I hope that helps for now. It sounds complex, but after you play with it for a bit (but do it off-line in a practice session), it is actually very quick and easy to get a desireable view to suit yourself.

    I am still without my gaming PC at the moment, so this is a rough explanation from memory.
    I'll do a step by step tutorial later when I get set up again.

    Good luck, but don't blame me if you get into strife, lool. :tongue:

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  2. Thanks for that Warren, I keep meaning to have a fiddle about with CamHack for driving views. Especially useful for the massive number of different cars we're driving as so many have less than stellar preset views.
  3. Thanks
  4. Hey guys. Thanks for explaining this. I finally got camhack to work on Windows7. But for some reason it wont change my view. When I exit the game a little window from camhack is open saying "bad version". Any ideas on why that's happening?
  5. No clue. What version do you have? v3.0 here.
  6. yup, it's version 3.0. I tried deleting and installing again, but that didn't help. I really wanted this to work. :(
    It's such an awesome game even without the mod...but would have been nice if it worked.
  7. Do you have RBR patched to 1.02?
  8. Thanks a lot for trying to help me guys, really appreciate it! But I got it to work after installing RSRBR. Thanks again!
  9. Hey guys, until now camhack was running fine with the settings.. i don't remember what i did, but the driving view is reversed only displaying the the opposite direction of car driving.. any clue what might be wrong?

    Disabling the camhack works fine, but with camhack the view seems to be opposite...:mad:
  10. Try changing the key assigned for "look behind" (or similar, don't remember the exact name) in CamHack.
  11. cool
  12. Hello: I would to make a video with the fixed cameras on the ground... how can I make it? (sorry bad english)

    Similar to this http://youtu.be/HOAmlobgckk
  13. You move the camera where you want it, and press backspace (the key above Enter). That will drop the camera
  14. Ok, thank you. Now I try.
  15. Anyone have it working with RSRBR2012?
  16. Sorry, I don't understand how to save the camhack settings???
  17. Ctrl + numbers on the second row of the keyboard.
    Ctrl + 1, or 2, or 3...

    Then when in game, press just 1, or 2, or 3...
  18. Just made a video with me setting up CamHack on RSRBR 2013. Might help some people, might not. Anyway, here it is. I know this thread and the camhack readme that Warren posted here has helped me lots. Thanks guys.

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  19. Many thanks for posting this CamHack tutorial. Great job! Also gotta love your racing rig. Awesome!

    Truely appreciated....:)
  20. Nothing to add, but, mainly thanks for setting this up.
    I'm currently refreshing on RSRBR2014, but, forgot how to play. I've been spoiled by DiRT2-3 and WRC4 and forgot how to Rally. This tutorial is a big ...nay...HUGE HELP getting thru my baby steps with RBR.