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Using an ACT Labs H Shifter in Richard Burns Rally

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Pete Mull, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. I have my ACT Labs H shifter hooked up to a Leo Bodnar Board and I'm trying to map the gears in RBR with the H shifter plugin - the problem is that the H shifter plugin appears to only allow one button for each gear - anyone managed to configure the H shifter plugin or the Labs H shifter to work together in RBR.

  2. Might be worth to remember the following solution incase nobody else comes with one. Get a program called joy2key (freeware), that program lets you connect controller inputs from all usb controllers connected, to Keyboard presses. That way you could calibrate the shifter ingame to 1-q 2-w 3-e etc etc, and then hook up the button presses for the gears in joy2key to do the same. Then when you put it in first, joy2key will convert it to q et voila, you're in first gear. This manor lets you assign more then 3 usb aparatus in RBR aswell :)
  3. Hi Roy,
    Thanks for your suggestion which I'd also thought about last night after I had posted here, I will give joy2key a try later today and will post back later today. Your comment about joy2key allowing more than the 3 usb limit in RBR sounds really interesting as I also want to try running the G27 Leo Bodnar shifter interface with my other three USB controllers. :star::star:

  4. Hi Roy,
    I'm really keen to go down the joytokey route but unfortunately I can't get the software to work for me. Can you give me any basic tips to get up and running and will the software support/translate multiple button presses into one keystroke ?


    Edited: I've managed to get JoytoKey working by choosing the correct Joystick - all I need to do now is to figure out how to get combinations of buttons to action one key on the keyboard (perhaps CTRL+key and CTRL+ALT+key).
  5. Hi Pete, if you fiddle a bit more with the program and click on the Input, you should see the option to either record (dont know for sure) or atleast 3 options to put keyboard strokes in


    look at where it says disabled, i think you can put button presses in there to. Have never played with this so dont know for sure, there are other options aswell as you can see in the screenshot. Goodluck!
  6. Hi Roy,
    I'm just experimenting with assigning key strokes like CTRL and ALT to certain buttons and letters to other buttons.
    When the shifter selects say first gear I will hopefully get CTRL + A and that will mean that two buttons are pressed together.
    I just have to check that the H shifter Plugin will allow two keys to be used on the Keyboard like CTRL+A or CTRL+Alt+D.

    Will post back here when I have the solution and perhaps do a bit of a JoyToKey Tutorial and a review of the ACT Labs H shifter.

    Thanks for your help and support,

  7. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    You may end up running another program along with joy2key. By this I mean you might need to run a macro program that can translate a single keystroke to several keys.
  8. The main problem I have is that the H shifter plugin in RBR won't allow multiple keystrokes per gear setting and the ACT shifter activates 2 or three buttons per gear selection.

    I'm trying to find out if there is anyway the configuration ini file can be altered to take multiple key strokes - if it would do then It
    could be possible use the shifter via keyboard strokes.

  9. I've relented on this one and ordered ACT Labs USB 3 in 1 adapter as that outputs single button presses for each gear.
    I will still have to use JoyToKey because I have more than the RBR max of 3 contollers hooked up to the PC.

    If there isn't another on this Thread then I will do a review of the shifter once the adapter arrives.