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Using "alt" button for gear chage?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by RossoNeri89, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    I've been palying F1 challenge and rFactor for years now, and I always used the right and left alt button for gear up and down. I was very sad, when I experienced, that in F1 2010 you cannot do this for some reason. I would like to ask you, if any of you know a configuration program, where I can set this up?
  2. no idea? :(
    maybe there is a config file somewhere that I can edit?
  3. Buy a wheel?
  4. I have, and not even a bad one, but I am lazy to set it up always if I want to go some laps.
    Really no config program for this? :(
  5. It is really hard to control with keyboard all this Acceleration/Break/Gearbox/Menus for changing tires/wings.
    Maybe if you are licensed typist you will be ok.Rofl. But i tried this and is almost near to science fiction. My suggestion is buy a wheel and you'll be happy :).GL.
  6. yeah, as I mentioned before, I have a wheel, a quite good wheel (Thrustmaster Ferrari F1), but I don't want to install it (I mean put to my desk, connect pedals, etc.) When I have time for 10 minutes I dont want to do all of this, just play. That's the situation when I use keyboard, and I've already learnt that combination from Gp3-Gp4-rFactor, what I use, but now I cant in F1 2010. Thats why I need a config file hack for using the alt buttons to change gears up and down.
  7. Go into the keyboard.xml file in your Actionmap folder. Find the line for gear up / gear down, and change the key to "win_key_alt"

    Not sure exactly, but it could be "win_key_lalt" and "win_key_ralt" or just "win_key_alt" and "win_key_altgr".

    You will need to be using the default keyboard in game for this to work.
  8. thanks for the tutorial! I tried both versions, unfortunately with no success. in both case the game tells: "unassigned" :( I have no idea, why the game creators deleted this option :S
  9. Sorry to hear that - it was a best guess!
  10. I agree, and thanks for the reply! I hope in 2012 it is possible.