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Using 2 BU0836 Interfaces

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jorgen Johnsen, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been trying _ALL_ day long to get this combo to work.. I'm using a set of custom hydraulic pedals, and a custom sequential shifter/buttonbox. Both use the BU0836 Board, and it won't work together in noone of my games.

    I can map 1 of the controllers just fine, but the other one (usually being the pedals) will not recognize when mapping.

    Think i've spent hours on google today, to no avail. From what i could gather they use the same HW ID..or something.. I'm clueless :(

    Whoever has a solution to this problem, i'll make you filthy rich!!..(not really)
  2. I have noticed a similar problem with my load cell board and a 836 board. Do you have any other boards plugged in as well? I noticed it more when was doing a test on a pro board with all of them plugged in, may have had too many boards :)
  3. Unless there is some limitation in the number of joysticks WIndows can deal with you really should have no issue as USB can easily do a 100+ devices.
  4. i think part of it may be either firmware or the date of the board, my LC board is around 6 years old, and think that may be causing part of my prob. I will need to upgrade it once i get win 7
  5. What games are you trying this in and how many HID devices are you using? Almost all the current games limit you to 3 input devices, this is usually the issue...

    To my knowledge, only rF2 (limit of 4 HID) and iRacing (no limit) are the exceptions in mainstream sims...