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Usage of intermediates and wets. When?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cueceleches, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    I would appreciate a little bit of help on this matter. I´m at Silverstone now, starting P6 in my Williams, 50% race. Around lap 14, it starts raining, a few drops at the beginning, for about 5 minutes, then more intensively. My strategy is 3 pit stops: options, primes and options. (I intend not to use the last set of options as it will be quite wet). But once it starts raining (at that moment I´m with primes), I really don´t know when to stop to change tyres again, and if I must go for intermediates or with wets. How much wet is wet enough to go for full wet tyres? I´ve tried once with them, but I guess it wasn´t wet enough, as I got blistering in just one lap. And if I go with intermediates, by the end of the race the car is undrivable cause it´s too wet. And if I make 4 pit stops, I loose all my chances as it seems the AI is able to make only 3 ( on legend). So please! What should I do?

    Thanx for the help!
  2. I'm going for inters when water on screen appears. For wets I'm not sure, I haven't got heavy rain in race (12 races so far). I think it's when dry line dissapear.

    And you can't be sure there will be heavy rain. It can be inter conditions for whole race.
  3. Yes, Inters are best to be used when it is really getting wet. I made the mistake to take them 1 lap too soon, and it was really bad for my speed and the tyres, because of overheating.
    Use inters when you really see drops on your screen, and maybe a bit of dry line on the road. Use the full wet tyres when it is reaning steady and pretty hard, and you don't see any dry line anymore.

    I once made 2 pitstops in 4 laps at Spa because of this.|
    It began dry, but after the 4th lap it began to rain a bit. So I pitted for Inters. In the 8th lap it was raining so much that I needed to get to the full wet tyres. Conditions can change that fast, and I really like this feature of the game.
  4. Ok thanx! I finally managed to end the race. I was on primes when it started to rain, around lap 14 or 15 of 26. I stayed on primes till really started to skid on tight turns, then went for intermediates on lap 18 or 19 I think. All the others went on intermediates also 1 lap after myself. On lap 24 I had to go for wet tyres, as with the intermediates didn´t work anymore, it was like driving with slicks. I thought my race was lost, but on lap 25, everyone else pitted to get wet tyres also, so I finished 1st with Vettel on my heels at 0.3 secs.

    Now looking into Nurburgring, as it looks I´ll have another wet race! Lol!