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Apparel Uruguay Helmet 1.0

Made upon request.

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  1. Edited title - added on Helmet
    Why dont you get some seperate screenshots of your helmet. As in just the helmet alone? Front & back... to showcase your work properly :)
  2. I can't, I only have cs2!!!!
  3. Thanks for the change of title though, I was in a rush :) Just about to upload the Portuguese one!!
  4. Anytime mate :)
  5. Great job, thanks for everything mate, greetings
  6. Miles, have u tried using ML's template instead? the 2D file should opên just fine in CS2 i think, also, try working with layers, i think thats one of your problems

  7. Ok, I don't get the advantage of layers...?? I was told that I need cs4 minimum for that template to work, I'll try tommorow though ;)
  8. Easy! Layers are 10x better, as you still have the ability to move them around or even turn them off for a picture/hide them...
    Layers will help you loads more mate :)
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  9. Ok, just to clarify, this is not me arguing, just trying to figure this out. I tried using layers, but don't you havee to match up all the layers perfectly...??
  10. Ctrl & + to zoom in, you can line them on pixel by pixel, so its fairly easy mate :)
  11. Thanks, I'll try ;)