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Urgent issue that needs solving ASAP!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by stop, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. My AI series is racing in Bahrain this sunday but im having a huge issue! I left a test running on Bahrain (I use an online server created within rFactor to have the LiveRacers plugin) and I'm having a huge issue. I keep getting a run-time error. I'm using CTDP Bahrain with the mod based on F1RFT 2012. Please help me ASAP because I have Free Practice 1 tomorrow! So what is the problem? Is it the track? is it the mod? is it the new car cube I've put in place?
  2. Did you have other programs open with rFactor? If yes, try closing these. Runtime errors in rFactor generally are memory issues. Can you send here the Processor, RAM and Video card specs? The problem can be here (too bad specs).
  3. No I didn't :/ and whenever I have rfactor running it runs at like 50% of my CPU

  4. How much RAM you have? What are your processor and video card?
  5. HP laptop (8GB) with an AMD Graphics card. It's fine on other tracks
  6. Anyway I did a full race test without using a server which still works with liveracers and it made it through. Not saying I'm ready yet cos that could've just been a one-off
  7. Are you rinning as admin or have admin permissions?
  8. no cos i dont need it, rfactor is installed in documents. BTW FP1 did go without trouble today, might have the issue solved but gonna do another test tomorrow, so not speaking too soon.