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Skins (URD_PX_MOD - PX1) Rebellion Racing No 12 and 13 24H Lemans 2016 2.2

(URD_PX_MOD - urd_px1_revolution- ) Rebellion Racing No 12 and 13 24H Lemans 2016

  1. Graham Botha submitted a new resource:

    (URD_PX_MOD) Rebellion Racing No 12 and 13 24H Lemans - (URD_PX_MOD) Rebellion Racing No 12 and 13 24H Lemans

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  2. I'm surprised that you give yourself the realization of this work.
    After asking to me the Files "PSD" of this car , because you have see some errors.
    The must of the fair play was to signal me and inform me from changing as you did.
    I find all the logos and designs of the watch movement créated by me.
    A thank from your person for the sharing my files was the least of it.
    End off discution!

    (Translated .... by Google translation)
  3. If you have a close look at the skin, the gear overlay is different from what you created on your skin. There are a number of other differences in especially the alpha channel and black overlays too. Also there were some errors on your skin but I believe that the gear overlay you created was indeed better and more beautiful than what I managed to make. So it was a lot of hard work for both you and I. To be honest I would have preferred a high resolution version of your skin, as it would have freed me up to do some other projects.
    Note that I've had the basics of this skin and all the logos for quite some time. They are available from all the Rebellion sponsors websites.

    I did indeed ask you whether I could upscale your skin and YOU could re post it with higher resolution as YOU did all the hard work on your skin. Unfortunately you did not even have the decency to reply to my message never mind provide me with a copy of the file (which you conveniently omitted to mention in your message above), yet you blatantly accuse me of using "your psd"? There are a number of skinners whom I've assisted in the same way and I didn't "steal" their work. So why would I do that to you?
    Thus in conclusion I decided to complete my own skin (using my own gear overlay and logos) 7 days after I sent you the message inquiring about the psd file. I posted it with the Lemans logos instead of the wec logos which also differs from your work. This is not a copy of your skin and was never intended to be so as I created the no 12, but also the no 13 car to complete the set.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
  4. Graham Botha updated (URD_PX_MOD - PX1) Rebellion Racing No 12 and 13 24H Lemans 2016 with a new update entry:

    (URD_PX_MOD - PX1) Rebellion Racing No 12 and 13 24H Lemans 2016

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