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Skins (URD_PX_MOD) Manor WEC 2016 T No.44 and 45 2.0

(URD_PX_MOD) Manor WEC 2016 T No.44 and 45

  1. Graham Botha submitted a new resource:

    (URD_PX_MOD) Manor WEC 2016 T No.44 and 45 - (URD_PX_MOD) Manor WEC 2016 T No.44 and 45

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  2. The one from the top ? It`s Erre logo. 25996336494_51f8bd4a7e_o.jpg ERREA_LOGO_1_JPG.JPG
  3. There are only skins, no cars ;c
  4. Oh... You have to. Purchase the URD pay ware PX mod from United Racing design to get the mod
  5. pfffffffff paid mods, it's ridiculous, you're really funny bruh, I'll never pay for any shitty mod, farewell
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  6. No problem, they make a very good product. IMHO it was rather well worth the money I spent and the quality is very good. Good enough for me to have bought all their content that appealed to me. United racing design are also contracted out to Kunos. They made the Corvette C7R. Anyways have a good one, Cheers.
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  7. Lol I don't give a s*it about that, mods - Modifications - as even all name says as should be free, it's not DLC, it's not your own game (in the context of these modders) to do paid mods - DLC... so Idk how did it survived... Ouh btw. there's a rule on AC main forum - you can't demand money for your mods, so if they uploaded it on that forum, they will get banned ;) I'm serious, it shouldn't be legal, If they want to, let them do this but it's the most stupid and ridiculous idea to do this to players - make them pay for MODS. Thanks for responses, one Like equals one paid mod less, see ya :D
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  8. Great stuff, thank you so much. I would definitely appreciate the media fire link as well. Not having had the right font drove me bonkers.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
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  9. Thanks for reminding me to check my inbox for a PX update :)
  10. Glad I could help :D