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Skins URD T5 Bayro (BMW M4 DTM) Timo Glock 2016 1.2

Timo Glock Deutsche Post #16 BMW Team RMG Skin

  1. Looks nice, thank you very much!
    Are you doing some of the other cars as well?
  2. Thank you! I've been dying for some real liveries on the new DTM cars.
  3. Just a tip: You can use the Mercedes liveries from this skin pack. The Maures in T5 2015 is basically the same as in the other T5 pack, all the old skins work perfectly.
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  4. theiceman1998 updated URD T5 Bayro (BMW M4 DTM) Timo Glock 2016 with a new update entry:

    URD T5 Bayro (BMW M4 DTM) Timo Glock 2016

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  5. Thank you for the new skin... just a suggestion, you could add driver name at right side of front dash where have a retangular white plate

    thank you!!!