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Misc URD mods: real names, brands and logos in launcher 2.1

For URD EGT, T5, PX & Formula

  1. Edouard 25 submitted a new resource:

    URD EGT mod with real names, brands and logos - Replaces the URD car names, brands and logos with the real ones and adds descriptions

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. For info on the alphabetical order:

    Even with this mod, the cars and brands are not properly alphabetically sorted in the interface.

    The workaround would be to change the folders' names. However, doing that makes the cars impossible to use online.
  3. Real names??? But aren't the cars modified???
  4. Great Mod thanks. Any plan of fixing the Corvette? I know its the correct name, but its still in the urd category and not Chevy. Also, Im not seeing a readme file.
  5. No the cars themselves are not modified.
    You can find plenty of skins out here to make them look like the real ones ;)
  6. Damn it. Apparently RD didn't post the update properly or something. Thanks!!!
  7. Oh yeah??? So that's illegal!! Why charge for something you do not own?
  8. I'm sorry, I actually don't understand your comment.
    Who said anything about charging anything?

    If you are talking about the URD EGT mod, United Racing Design charge for something they own: the 3D models and the mod they created themselves. They can't however use the real names of the cars, brands, etc since they didn't buy the licence for it.

    As for this mod, it is absolutely free and I have nothing to do with the URD team.
  9. Yeah, yeah...
  10. I honestly don't understand what your issue is.
    Could you please explain?
  11. I'm against paid mods, for lots of reasons i've write in other threads, nothing against you...
  12. Well considering the time and effort put in some mods, I think pay mods are fair when they are of good quality. With URD, you can judge of the quality by yourself with the Corvette and see if you want to buy the rest of the cars, which is fair as well.

    Honestly you can't expect modders to spend so much time and effort always for free. They are people who are passionate about what they do, doesn't mean they are slaves.
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  13. Right, so i'm a very good driver, i spend so much time and effort driving for free because of my passion... now will i get paid too every time i get on podium or am i slave of my passion?
  14. DaFuq are you talking about?
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  15. You won't get it... it'll be waste of time explaining it to you...
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  16. great work!

    I followed the instructions to get the venom renamed to dodge viper - but still get venom in game. Other names are changed without issues in the main screen, but once I go to the show room (or in game) the badges and names are still the "fake" ones for all the cars

    I copied the original ui folder as mentioned over the ui folder of the venom - but no luck.

    where do you think I could have gone wrong?
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  17. Yes please don't waste any of our time with your nonsense
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  18. Hi,

    This mod only changes the names in the launcher as I didn't go to the trouble of changing all the main files of the cars (plus I don't know exactly how to do it yet so I don't want to mess up anything).

    So if you have the real names and logos in the launcher but not once you have launched a race, that's normal.

    As for the Viper, I just checked all the files and there shouldn't be any problem in the launcher. Please make sure that you have taken the files from one of the "Brand=..." folders and pasted them in the parent "ui" folder (overwriting).