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PC URD Formula Lights Gift

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Jason Madigan, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Has anyone given this a go as yet? I awoke this morning to find an email with a link to try it out and I have to say I am completely blown away by this little car.

    I just ran a bunch of laps around the Silverstone National track in it and I find it to be quite damn impressive.


    They have hit another one out of the park with this gift imo, I think it would make a fantastic league car if it gets out there enough.

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  2. the site & some info about the car, id certainly never heard of it -- http://formulalites.com/technical-specs/

    a very nice surprise, but theres quite an abundance of modern F3-type OW mod cars in AC!
  3. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    I think these are "Indy Lights" and not "Forumla Lights"

    Edit: [​IMG]

    But to not get copyright trouble i assume they changed Indy to Formula...
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  4. ah, my mistake, thank you!
  5. This totally not a 2015 Indy Lights car is a blast to drive! What a nice surprise!
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  7. Big thanks to URD - great work!
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  8. Superb work,nice surprise,
    thank you very much!
  9. Wow, what a nice surprise! And thanks to OP for the heads up. I check my mail very rarely so could've take me a long time to find this out.

    Also I'd like to thank URD for a great update for T5, v5 tyres feels really good on them.
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  10. I just drove this last night for the first time. This thing is a blast. A lot faster than I was expecting. I wish Assetto had a brake pressure setting
  11. Took this thing around Zandvoort and it was a blast - I might enjoy it more than the Renault 3.5. Though I seem to lock in the inside front on 90% of corners - will have to work on that.
  12. Good job URD!
  13. I don't see a link to download? Can someone post the link?
  14. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead
    Premium Member

    Not sure if it's appropriate to share a link. The car is 'free' in the sense that you don't have to pay for it but URD have only distributed it directly via email to those that have already bought stuff from them.
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  15. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    The links are provided directly by URD for those that own one or more of their mods. I own the T5 for AC and EGT for rFactor2 - received a direct link.
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  16. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i own rf2 content havent got a link :(
  17. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium Member

    So you cry in the AC forum that you haven't got a car for rF2 .... :cautious::rolleyes:

    Back 2 topic:

    We've ran the car for a good while yesterday with 5-7 people.
    Great fun, absolutely stunning!

    Even the oval car is great but it's very apparently that AC does not allow for oval racing as there drafting is not working in a sensible manner. Would be cool if Kunos were to add this in the future but I doubt it.

    However, the road spec car is fnatastic.
    So much power and so little aero just makes for a fun car. :thumbsup:

    if you didn't purchase any of the URD cars yet, go ahead and ship your cash to them :D
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  18. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne
    Premium Member

    A nice little present by the URD guys! Hope to see this car more often online in the future!
  19. Quite fun - easy to drive and very fast for a 450hp car. Hitting 180mph easily at monza is surprising.
    On v4 tyres at the moment, when kunos update the single-seaters to run v5 it'll be interesting to see how it affects this car.
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  20. No, he "cried" (which he didn't) that despite owning their rF2 content he hasn't got the mail with the link to the URD Formula Lights mod. No need to be that aggressive.
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