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URD EGT Mod and Tire wear. Advice needed.

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Frank Lehmann, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Hello there,

    I would like to know if someone could give me an advice for tire management with the URD EGT mod.
    Especially my front tyres have much more wear than my rear ones.

    I'm driving regulary in two GT leagues with Race07 and i would describe me as a driver with a more smooth driving style steering-wise. Pushing yes, but mostly not over the limit. In my league races the tire wear has almost always a good front/rear balance (with almost no tire wear warning after a 40min stint).

    After doing some Test races in rF2 with the URD mod it seems, that my driving style is much more aggressive than i have thought before.:confused:
    After about 30min (using the endurance tires) my front tires are almost worn, where my rear tires are just quite fine. Perhaps it has something to do with locking tires while braking, or simply driving above the limit of the tires.

    Are there some setup changes, which i can do to save my front tires a little bit more?
    Or is it some kind of a "get used to it" thing with the more advances rF2 tire physics compared to the old Race07?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. panande

    Premium Member

    Softer frontend and harder tyres maybe?
  3. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    No both tyres are the same at the moment :D

    The tyre wear is more front heavy in a lot of rF2 cars, but on which track did you driver, that your tyres were gone after 30min? Which car did you use?

    Just give us a bit more detail. Have you driven other cars for longer periods of time in rF2, because the URD cars are not really heavy on their tyres compared to some others out there.

    I think it will be driving style. A lot of people new to rF2 use a bit of an understeery car and push through that phase with a bit of power and then you get front overheating and rip the tyres apart, but that is pure speculation. Just give us a bit more info ;)
  4. yeah, this isnt the mod, its the rf2 engine, which ive actually assumed to just be more realistic & harsh than what we're used to. i found myself ripping up the front tires on rf2's rwd cars really easily, im not doing any endurance racing so i havent actually bothered to really learn proper management but im definitely curious as well. i assume as mentioned above its mostly just taking bad lines into corners.
  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I agree with the general thrust above.
    Only thing is there is not a harder tyre.
    Front tyre wear, Its a big part of the RF2 learning curve.
    As Fred said give us more detail.
    even share your setup for a look.
    but in general:

    Setup wise: More grip you have at the front the less they will slide. so
    Reduce front ARB, Springs, Tyre Pressure, Slow Bump shock settings. All wil move grip fwd. With camber try lower settings too.
    Then if you try getting the rear to move around and pivot a bit more so the front needs to do less. So at rear: raise ARB, Slow Bump Shocks, Tyre pressures, Springs. You will know when youve gone too far as the rear wil step out like a bad thing.

    Another big one is diff lock on power side. Lower this and the car can pivot more on throttle intead of pushing-fighting the fronts as they try to turn in. Again you will know when you have gone too far as above.
    Have fun.
    Ill link an article I wrote last year when going through this same struggle.

    Technique wise: Get the car turned in with a little load still on fronts then progressively get the power back on to load the rears. Try to have this done before the apex. You will see as you do this the temp come out of the fronts. If you come in too hot and still steering with the wheel the fronts will suffer.-big push understeer.
    But in a 40 min stint you will have wear, thats the beauty of RF2.
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  6. First of all ..... thanks for the helpful advices.:thumbsup: I'll try some.

    I did a test race online with the URD Corvette at Loch Drummond. My best lap was a 1:17.285.
    I've added my car setup, which i had used.

    It was only a 30min race, but i was in the need to change my tires, because they were almost gone.

    BTW .... it was my first race with the Mod and perhaps i was not aware that i have to watch for my tires that much.:rolleyes:

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  7. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    JUst looked it in notepad. You used 3deg front wing and 25deg rear wing. That car must have head horrible understeer :D. Try something between 4/15 to 4/22, which should be much better to keep the tyres alive. Maybe you need to raise the rear ARB as well a bit.
    You are using very agressive camber on the front with -3,8° try a bit less mabye -3.0°.

    If you struggle with locking, work on your technique or reduce brake pressure a bit.

    P.S. I just noticed, that you are using very stiff front springs with 280N/mm, which can lead to big front tyre wear as well. Maybe you should try something like 220N/mm.
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  8. Good evening
    To what corresponds the tires s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6 for the modes px1?
    thank you
  9. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    These are michelin compound numbers.
    S: steads for "Slicks" (P = "Pluie", rain tyre)

    The number is compound hardness (1-20).
    Low number is soft tire.
    High number is hard tire.

    P2G = soft rain tire (commonly used rain tire)
    S9H = is medium slick tire (commonly used slick)

    Useally S9 is followed by a G,H, A, ... I'm not 100% sure what those are. But i think they are a load are speed index.
  10. Ok merci pour la réponse, au fond, il correspond aux pneus.
    Super-doux, doux, moyen, difficile, et la pluie?
  11. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    Yes, S1 to S6 are soft to hard slicks tire.
    "Pluie" tires should start with a P.
    I haven't driven the URD's for awhile. But i guess they have a rain tire starting with a P and those are tagged as "wets" when you select them in the setup.

    Keep in mind that a soft tire isn't always the fastest tire. They produce the most grip, but you need to keep the car planted. Any drifting or slidding will overheat the tires and grip will drop.