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Skins URD EGT Darche Martini Racing - fantasy livery 1.01

URD, EGT, Darche

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  1. This isn't a Darche skin, it's an AM skin.
  2. there is no update, i made a mistake upload the other file.
  3. will be corrected with a new update
  4. Hi sca773r !

    I dowload your skin but I think something is missing on the rear bumper. It is nearly all white whereas the front one is painted in Martini colors. Is it because you wanted it like that ? Would you mind updating your skin with some Martini colors at the back of the car ?
    Cheers !
  5. Hi, the original idea was to keep it like that, maybe I'll add some color to the back, but not really on the plans at the moment. most probably I'll just make a different martini inspired skin, this one was an old skin I had and just converted it for this model.