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Skins URD EGT Airbus Aston Martin Racing #7 1.0

the green mean machine comes to the grid.

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  1. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman
    Premium Member

    one word OUTSTANDING thank u so much
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  2. Superb. Thanks a lot.
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  3. Hello Henky SA

    First i must confess that I loaded your skin for RF2. I don't own AC, and I have no idea of AC graphics, so I ask to learn, isn't your skin to shiny in AC?

    I noticed that the alpha layer wich controls reflectivity (at least in RF2) was pure white and empty.

    I created a new alpha channel and now the reflectivity of the skin is adequate in RF2. I ask this question because other skins I downloaded for AC from this site had a light grey alpha channel with content.

    For your info I skinned for RF1 for years without ever knowing of the alpha channel...
    But once I skinned a red Viper for EGT mod and the red looked pink from cockpit view (excess sky reflection on the hood). I asked for help on ISI forum and an expert kindly put me on the way to the solution.

    Thanks for your answer.

  4. Hi Igel.
    my skin has a gloss-effect in game (see the screenshot thumbnails). yeah a bit shiny-reflected.
    i use pre-installed default map in the car model. didn't even touch or tweak the map due to slight issues while installing the skin with tweaked map. the logos & decals have a glitch around them. so i didn't put the new-tweaked map there in the zipped file.
    when i looked onto the map texture, the map is white also. with green around them.
    you can see the color mixtures within each channels in my PS.
    and also you can see below, the alpha layer is gray in this map.

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  5. I checked again and in both sizes of your skin and the alpha channel is white and empty. To see the content of the alpha channel you must hide all the other channels and let the alpha channel the sole visible (if I am not wrong, I am no expert at all).

    Here is what I see when I open your downloaded skin alpha_AM.jpg

    Again there is no problem, I solved the problem by creating my own alpha channel that I adjoin Alph_am_Lgel.

    In RF2 your car was over shinny, and I suspected the alpha channel (the darker the alpha channel, less reflectivity you have).

    I hope I don't bother you, but some other skins I downloaded from this site had an alpha channel white and empty like yours, but others had an alpha channel with content like the one I adjoin and looked good in RF2 directly.

    May be the lighting in AC is totally different of RF2's and doesn't use the alpha channel to control environment reflectivity (not specular maps).

    Myself I didn't discover my problems in RF2 until late because I had the graphic option environment reflections unchecked, so the alpha channel didn't intervene at all (my graphic card couldn't cope with it, I had to upgrade it, and I forgot to restore this setting afterwards).

    I hope I don't waste your time, I really enjoy running your skin, and I have no problem at all, just curious.

    Thanks again.

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  6. you can look there closely in my PS screenshot above, how the alpha 1 channel look like. (yeah forgot to hide all channels except alpha1. it was just a quickshot :D)
    perhaps the alpha channel is white because it's hidden. i see you have tweaked and changed the alpha channel to be looked like my alpha channel i opened in PS. (see the alpha 1 channel)
    and also maybe alpha channel in both games works different.

    i don't own RF2 (only have RF1) so i don't know how it works when someone install the skin to URD EGT mod for RF2.
    thanks for the information Igel :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2014
  7. Don't bother any longer, it was just curiosity, I have been struggling with channel alpha for weeks, that is why I am a little obsessed.

    I really enjoy your skin, it looks magnificent in RF2 too.

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