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Upgrading my PC

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by DaltonLSXV8, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm tempted to upgrade my pc to finally try this game.

    I asked my pc technician to make me a rough estimate of upgrades. This is what he came up with :

    RAM 4GB DDR3 CL9.0 240pin Kingston
    Mainboard Intel Z77 s1155 DDR3, SATA3, Audio, Video, GLan
    CPU Intel Core i7 Processor i7-3.4GHz 8MB LGA2011 CPU
    CS Power Supply Unit 750W Gamers 2 x 12V Rails 4*SATA,2*PCIX
    CPUFAN Igloo 6100CUV Silent Intel i7 s.1366
    Geforce GTS450 2GB DDR3 PCIe*16 VGA/HDMI/DVI Interfaces

    I'm pretty sure the CPU and RAM are more than enough to handle this game with ease. However, the component I am unsure of is the Video Card which is an nVidia GeForce GTS450, which isn't a bad card at all, but doesn't seem to be enough IN MY OPINION (I'm not very experienced in choosing video cards)

    Please post your opinion about this upgrade, and if possible recommend some better video cards.
    The GTX 680 is pure magic, but way too expensive. The GTX 570 looks very good also and is half the price of a GTX 680.

    PS. I will be running the game on 1920x1080 resolution.


  2. I would be tempted to get 8 gig of RAM, and something like a 7850 for GFX....the GTS450 barely qualifies as a gaming card these days and 2 of ram is totally wasted on it.
  3. Mapu


    Ask yourself, what standard you're aiming for, what your budget is and what a possible compromise (hardware, compatibility and budget wise) might look like. Having the fastest and most expensive hardware sometimes doesn't pay off. It's important that the components are of good quality and well-matched. Therefore I wouldn't take a single game or application as a system benchmark. Avoid a bottleneck and make sure your computer can be a relative good allrounder.

    Anyway, I'm afraid you'll have to do your own research to find the perfect match for your idea. Look at what is important for each component and how these components will interact. It's your money after all and you should make sure it's well spend.;)
  4. I have the option to choose between a GTX 560 TI 2GB or a GTX 570 1GB, my technician says the GTX 560 TI is better
    What do you think?

    And about the ram, I think 4gb is enough since it's ddr3 not ddr2, but I'll ask him
  5. 4 will do it but you are limiting yourself for the future so leave room for upgrade. I know a lot of people support nvidia but im an ati guy and you can find a good quality card dor less money. I currently run the 2 gb hd6870 and it runs pcars on ultra in dx11 no problem. Plus it has 2 dvis and a display port for triple screen on one card.
  6. My mistake guys, the RAM is actually x4, so I'm getting 16GB of RAM, and for the graphics card, I'm thinking about the GTX 580 also
  7. I may be wrong on this (because I am not a intel user) but the I5-2500k is a good cpu and will probably save you $100. You will need a different motherboard because it is a different socket (LGA1155). From my understanding the I7 are good for like video/audio editing, 3d graphic rendering if you do that kind of stuff, but for gaming the I5 is all you need and will save some $$$, or you could spend more on the video card/motherboard/HD stuff like that.

    My setup

    AMD FX 8120, 8gb ram, 2x ATI 5770, and Gigabyte GA_990FXA-UD3. All graphics in pCARS is set to max it plays fine.
  8. Thinking about the i5 2500k+ GTX 580
  9. mate don't buy old gen power hungry stuff.....grab a 7950/7970 or 670.
  10. Another thing, better to buy 8gig of ram and spend the extra on the GPU.....
    4 gig is okayish if you have all programs off, but if you want to run a dl client+ HDTV capture or whatever else, 4gig is inadequate.
  11. I think a xbox or PS3 might do.:laugh:
  12. Haha I already have both Andy. Just decided, I'm getting an MSI GTX680 2GB DDR5
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