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Upgrades Selection During RAce at garage

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Colin O Callaghan, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Guys does anyone know how to change your upgrades while in the garage, I can select them or apply before a weekend in the main menu using the blackpain mod interface, I can change tyres car model etc, After starting a weekend I can only seem to select them in the garage and not apply them, is there some special button, also I put my F1 mod in a fresh vanilla gsc2013 but can't find the upgrades anywhere.. any help please.
  2. In the vanillla GSC there is no upgrades menu because none of the stock content has upgrades. As for during a race weekend i dont think you can change upgrades during a weekend, i dont think you can even do that in regular rFactor.
  3. ok thanks Troy, I will stop wasting time with it.
  4. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Not sure what you mean by upgrades ?
    In Garage 1/2 you can change the setup of the car then save it for the track.
  5. I know dude, after you apply Blackpain mod you get a new UI interface where in the main menu you can select upgrades and car models if available, also car skins, like several car skins for 1 car, the option is also available in car setup in a race weekend or testing but unfortunately doesn't let you apply it.
  6. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    When I installed the Blancpain mod I had problems going online, so was advised to run GSC sync which changes it back to the default UI .
  7. I also had that, resynced but didn't swirch my UI back, wierd