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Upgrades Gone

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Svekke, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hello everybody! Im new here and sorry if i havent searched well enough but i couldn't find any thread regarding this issue.

    I just completed my first season for the virgin constructors, and just started season 2.
    I was about to start practice at sakhir, the bahrainian map.
    And then i notice that i have got no upgrades.. My car's maximal speed is 335~ ish km/h just to give you an example, and on the last race of the first season it was about 400.. There is no throttle map settings etc..

    Well im just wondering if this just is a problem to me or if anybody else has experienced it. And what to do about it, if anything can be done
  2. :( damn. I would have presumed that you kept them but I havnt finished season yet, just had to start again :mad:. Sure I heard in an interview or dev diary somewhere that you could turn a team like Virgin into a car with the performance of a top team eventually (as happens in real life, over many years and good designers).
  3. Umm when a new car comes out its a new car without upgrades right?
    So depending on the r&D from last year it might be slower or faster depending on what path you chose.

    NOt a bug just think in real life scenario. New car fresh start...new upgrades throughout the season. If your path was agressive the car might be slower than the previos year as all the r&D went into the current car.

    Make sense?
  4. It may be a design choice (and not a great one) to just reset everything each year since we only have one car set to use over 7 seasons...
  5. I guess you guys are right.. But have you not noticed that yourselves? I noticed i've got more new stuff to upgrade this season! But my car is still not as good as it was the first season..

    I understand how you mean Metzgerov with the new car.. Lets hope somebody else has experienced this aswell.. Tho its very wierd that i do not have any different engine throttle things.. well well..
  6. Yes Im with virgin and the same thing happened to me!!!! At the end of last season i picked aggersive instead of intermediate!!! Im now on my second season and when i go to research and development it says my path is intermediate