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Upgrade from G25?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Max Lytvyn, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I have G25 and I use it to practice before going to a real track (road course) and sometimes just for fun. My problem with it is that it is not precise enough, especially close to the center. Small inputs sometimes produce no effect and sometimes produce too much. Also, the gears there are too coarse, and when I steer, I feel gears grinding instead of being able to feel modulation of traction. So I need something smoother and more precise. Also, bigger diameter would help. With pedals, my only problem is brakes - there is too much movement without enough change in pressure force. I feel it needs a load-cell or at least a much tighter and progressive spring.

    My budget is $1K for wheel, pedals and some simple stand. I was going to get Fanatec wheel and clubsport pedals, but then I learned that Fanatec is plagued with backorders and lengthy delivery times, and the new Thrustmaster 500RS also piqued my interest. I need to prepare for some events in mid April, so I could wait 2-3 weeks, but not more.

    So what would be the best bet in my situation? Any options I'm overlooking?
  2. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    G27 uses helical gearing, so feels less notchy :)
  3. Upgrade your G25 with ARC's G25-E mod - to quote from their website:

    Racing Sims will not be the same anymore! Would you like to have the maximum from your preferred Racing Simulation? Now you can! Trasform your Logitech in a brand new Racing Wheel! With the Mod G25-E or G27-E, your Logitech steering wheel becomes able to give you effects and force feedbacks very realistic and similar to those ones you would have driving a real single-seated, a gt or a rally car. With the more power and definition of the force-feedback effetcs your driving experience will become thrilling and tiring as real driving!




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  4. So it's a 720 degree optical encoder with springs and chains.. Looks a bit agricultural.. :rolleyes:
    One of the big things that got me back into sim racing was FFB - the ability to 'feel' what the front end was doing. Honestly, that looks like a step back into the dark ages..

  5. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    The G25 is a great wheel. I reckon your settings are just wrong. Make sure you have the speed sensitive steering down to 0, as well as all the other sensitivity settings set correctly. I think the G25 is THE most precise wheel, and that's what I miss most when using my Fanatec.
  6. Which is probably why Frex are about to bring out a new wheel that uses the G25 electronics..

  7. Your old enough to know that Looks don't tell the story, this wheel is so smooth and so precise it will make you forget about ffb!!! Its feel keeps you in complete contact with where your car's front end is. Its much better then those clunky plastic models that break easily....The real reason why people like ffb is because those cheap plastic wheels have no real feel otherwise. 1 big issue with those wheels is when you turn those wheels forcefully the response times are much slower compared to the tsw... believe me. I owned 3 of them plastic wheels and they all broke inside of 8 months of heavy use. My TSW is in its 9th year of ownership, never had an issue. Since you use looks to judge quality let me explain in layman's terms so you understand. Pull along side a 1970 mustang boss 429 in your Peugeot turbo and you may think you have him beat, but when the race is run you'll find he's left you in his wake convincingly! Its the same with this wheel compared to the almost all plastic logitech wheel made in china..
  8. Dom.1 has a valid point - if you are trying to simulate 1970 Mustang, you do not need any FFB :D

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  10. You'd be surprised at what you can do with a 1970 Mustang boss 429!!!!
  11. point taken, funny though, a warning about getting a warning....!!!
  12. I own a Fanatec GTR2, and a G25, but I honestly like the G25 the best; as far as feedback goes, it just feels more precise. I may just not be fully used to the Fanatec yet, though. Since the G25/27 is the most popular wheel, there have been a lot of nice aftermarket add-ons and mods that have come out for it to improve its overall function.

    I would suggest looking through all of the settings in the configuration files for the sim you are running, and Google for settings to see what other people are running. There are a TON of subtle changes that can be made that seriously affect the feeling of the wheel. In rFactor, the plugins make a bit of a difference as well.

    Another option; you can always turn the force feedback off in the game , and just run with the centering spring and dampening turned on in G25 software. It will give you steering resistance, but without the force feedback.
  13. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    This conversation is getting interesting, heheh. The argument between FFB and no FFB once again. It all comes down to choice people. If you need the FFB to give you that feeling that you are really driving, then by all means buy a wheel that has it. If however you are fine with no resistance to your turning and more precise turning accuracy, then buy a wheel that has those features. I would rather use something that gives me more precision over more immersion as I am not real worried about thinking I am in a real car.
  14. I will not run anything without FFB, so it is not an argument for me. I absolutely need to know if my front as at optimal slip angle, and FFB is a way to achieve that.

    Anyway, on a lighter note, what about the wheel stand? I like the one sold on Fanatec site, but hesitant to get it from them because of possible lengthy delivery. Any similar options I should consider?
  15. Interesting analogy - comparing a car that can't turn corners (1970 mustang boss 429) with a car that can (Peugeot turbo) when talking about steering wheels.. :)
  16. So are you just after a wheel stand or a cockpit?
    In anycase you could try to DIY yourself a wheel stand or you could have a look on ebay!
    Obviously there are alot out there to choose from and all have there pro's and cons, but if you DIY a stand for yourself you can make it suit your needs better and usualy cheaper than buying a stand!
  17. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I hate to tell you this Hoopstar, but the 70 Boss 429 was very capable of turning. Take a look at a lot of the post 60's Trans Am series here in the states. The Stang was one of the top contenders from that time period.
  18. I seem to remember a car that dominated the trans am circuit in America it was the "Boss 302"...and there are still a few of those cars left. yep people still race them here to this day...so why don't you come to America, bring your Peugeot turbo...and see how they do at road Atlanta!!
  19. This guy is from Australia, Land of Mel Gibson and those Mad Max Movies that featured a Blown Mustang...I know they didn't call them mustangs in Australia but its a Mustang. lol he favors a Peugeot!!!!