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Upgrade choices

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by darwin, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. darwin


    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade some aspects of my current setup. I have some ideas but would welcome some input. At present I have a 3 year old PC which is still fine for most titles (i5-4670K @ 4.4Ghz, 12GB RAM, 980ti). I'm running a 27" 144Hz ROG Swift which is the TN panel version and for a wheel I have a Fanatec CSW V1 with the V3 pedals with a very simple wheel stand pro.
    I mostly play AC, R3E, Automobilista and Project Cars and maybe the new F1 title if Codies have done a decent job on wheel support. What I like most about my current setup is playing in 3D Vision, but I fear it is dying a slow death and I have the upgrade itch. So my budget is €1500ish and will be supplemented by selling my existing gear. My three upgrade considerations are:

    1) Monitor - get a 34" ultrawide, something like the Asus PG34 - the net cost will be €900ish after selling my Swift. I lose 3D Vision, but obviously gain in terms of pixel count and screen width. I don't want a triple screen setup as my GPU is probably not beefy enough and I want to keep it another year.
    2) Get a VR headset (HTC vive comes in at €900) and keep my existing monitor. Is VR really a better option than an ultrawide for simracing? I'm thinking long term of wearing the headset, is it a faff to setup etc. Room space is limited for me, so I feel as if I would be wasting some of the potential for the Vive which seems to be the favoured VR solution at the moment.
    3) Upgrade my wheel base from V1 to the V2 model. I reckon it will cost around €500 if I can sell my V1. Has anybody made this particular upgrade as I've read lots of conflicting opinion between the two wheel bases.
    Have I missed any other worthwhile upgrades? Thanks for listening to my first world problems :)
  2. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium

    Dude, a 980 Ti is a beast, triples would work just fine. I know I'm going to be keeping mine around for at least another year.

    Personally, I think moving from a Wheel Stand Pro to a proper cockpit will make a huge difference, it did with me.
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  3. darwin


    Thanks for the reply. I've thought about triples a fair bit and for various reasons they just don't appeal to me. Yes a better cockpit or even wheel stand is something definitely worth looking into cheers!