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Update v1.10

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Robert Gray, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Gran Turismo 5 v1.10 Brings Minor Tweaks & Bug Fixes

    As announced, the latest version of Gran Turismo 5, v1.10, has just been made available for download. Here’s a complete list of changes and bug fixes:

    Racing Gear Items

    • New racing gear items consisting of helmets and suits have been implemented. These can be used by players in A-Spec, or for any of the “My Drivers” in B-Spec.
    • There are plenty of variations to the racing gear items and, in addition to several sets being given out as presents when you start GT Mode, players will be able to win new ones when successful in online events. Players can also take a photo of their drivers wearing their favourite gear, and use that custom photo for a driver profile.
    • For more details, please refer to “Racing Gear” under Top Menu - [Manual] – [GT Mode].

    Special Online Event Campaign

    • For a limited time, all event prizes will be tripled, and all cars appearing in the Online Collector’s Dealership will be brand new (0 mileage) and at half price.

    Prizes for online events

    • GT5 will now offer online events in which players can win Racing Gear items and cars as prizes, according to performance. The content of the prizes and the conditions for winning them will vary per event.
    • Details of the various events are found in [GT Life] – [Online Events].

    Parts purchases through the Settings screen

    • In the Settings screen, parts that players have not yet purchased will now have a shopping cart icon appearing next to them. These can now be purchase on the spot. Purchased parts will immediately be equipped on their car.
    • For details, refer to Top Menu – [Manual] – [GT Life] – [Settings]

    Improved Opponent AI Algorithm

    • The search range of opponent AI has been expanded and their intelligence algorithm has been improved.

    Interrupting and resuming Championship races

    • In the championship races of A-Spec and B-Spec modes within [GT Life], there is now an interrupt button in the quick menu which appears after completing individual races.
    • If the interrupt button is pressed, the event will be interrupted and a player’s record up to that point will be saved, and the game will end. The next time the player starts the game, they can continue the championship race from where they left off.

    Additional music track

    • After playback of the ending movie (*short version), “Day To Live/daiki kasho” will be added as a bonus music track.

    Other Changes

    • Check the physical endurance of drivers that are resting in the B-Spec endurance races.
    • Sort the garage by [Last Car Driven]
    • In [Weight Adjustment] of [Settings], players can now see changes in the front to rear weight balance when the ballast position is changed.
    • The A-Spec driver is now displayed in the profile screen.
    • In the pit menu of B-Spec, the time limit for being able to direct pit work has been changed from reaching “0″ in the count down, to “Until the car comes to a complete stop”.
    • The sorting order of the music album has been improved.
    • When selecting a track created in Course Maker from the course album of Arcade Mode or GT Mode, players can now run single races with up to 16 cars. (Excluding some tracks such as those made before the update, and dirt tracks.)
    • It is now possible to take 3D photographs even without connecting a 3D compatible TV.
    • It is now possible to export 3D photographs to
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Not impressed. A few fixes for obscure bugs, a few interface tweaks, some minor new features, and almost none of the basic features people have been asking for since mid-November last year.

    I mean, racing suits? Come on! I'd love to know how implementing that is more important than endurance saves, replay controls, an AI difficulty setting, the ability to kick unwelcome people from your personal lobby, or any number of other features which would increase the games playability. Triple race rewards? Nice one PD... you've just set yourself up for a major whine-fest when you decide to turn that feature off. Or will you cave in and make it permanent? Thanks for the new music track though. Well worth the 380mb download.

    PD need to stop focusing on adding worthless crap and start dedicating their time to actually fixing what we already have.
  3. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    I seem to agree. It's much like putting wants before needs.
  4. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    What i found is after running the game the update came up so i installed it.
    then after in the readme file it says pls apply the latest ps3 update before applying the gt5 patch.
    But at this point it was to late.
    Talk about dumb.
    I quit game and did the ps3 update then but unsure what problems that caused.
    its backward
  5. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I want to see engine oil condition,
    I want to see the condition of the chasis,
    I want to be able to change my oil and repare my car wile im online,
    I want to have more option as a host so only sertain typs of cars can join such as american mussle cars or british cars or german cars ect,
    Have options for what year the car was built aswell.
    Have the option to kick player wile im racing so i dont have to quit my race to do so.
    Any of these simple options in this patch ? no we get dumb helmets....
  6. Why? Online racing doesn't add mileage or wear to the car.
  7. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Online free run does not add mileage or wear to a car. Online racing does, as long as you're not the only one in the race.
  8. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    (Im sorry but it does mate)

    Im disappointed with this patch they put time into this but fixed nothing of consequence.
    Whats the chances of them doing whats required pretty slim i recon :(

    1st Place = Trial Mountain - Lv. 21 Gift Car Ticket / Tsukuba Circuit - Lv. 22 Gift Car Ticket / Laguna Seca - Lv. 23 Gift Car Ticket
    This was way to easy this is pro ? are they having a laugh.....
    When you start these races the gap looks to big but if you keep pumping in good lap times you soon get 1st.
    Clean laps required to get 1st place on all 3 races.