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Misc Update "non_persistent & b_career" (1997Mod) 1.6

Last Final Update for "F1 1997 schifty's MOD" (update all graphics menu in the game)

  1. chianamik submitted a new resource:

    Update "non_persistent & b_career" (1997Mod) (version 1.4) - Last Final Update for "F1 1997 schifty's MOD" (update all graphics menu in the game)

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  2. chianamik updated Update "non_persistent & b_career" (1997Mod) with a new update entry:

    Final Update "non_persistent & b_career" by Schifty031,ALKMNDZA and CHIANAMIK

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  3. I downloading this for the tracks pictures :D thanks for sharing
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  4. delhi and texas are not real ...... I only changed more pictures ....hihi :)
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  5. david coulthard english?¿ damon hill german?
  6. You have something wrong with your database, i have it right

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  7. i have golvellius59 database
  8. Try with this, i made this database:

    Let me explain you something:

    + MODS: 20 laps (100%), tyres scalling, fuel scalling, etc...

    + 1997 STATS: Drivers stats in their carrer, and team!...

    _1997: The original files...

    You need to use the schema file with my database to, or will not work! (If you will use your database, you most use your schema file to)

    Here its: http://www.mediafire.com/?gm3kksfnyx8x7pz
  9. jojjojojojo thanks!!!!!epic jobs!
  10. i dont have kers!!!!!!!
  11. i need kers to do a new young driver test
  12. open the database with ryder database editor and find f1team section, look for kers section and activate kers for the team you want!
  13. Is it also possible to make a special intro for this great season mod?
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  14. for 1997 no hd movie.....only low quality.....hummmmm.......
    this is the best but low quality for file video
    bik fle!
  15. Those were times ...:inlove:
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  16. .......were real warriors ...... electronic still the first stage. listened to the car, not heard in the pit wall to see if the car was ok(today)
  17. beautiful the soundtrack of a video....hahahahahhahah
  19. The sentences below the champions mode pictures can't be changed?
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