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update @ 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by fabioss, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I would like to upgrade, as is possible at this time, f1 2011 with liveries, helmets, names, etc.. the 2012 season.
    Currently my f1 2011 mod has these:
    What mod allow me to update the game?
  2. Mr.Pibbs Mod
  3. I downloaded this mod:
    that will be added to what I listed in my previous post.

    I read that many of these updates are only compatible with the English version of the game (if you install other versions you have problems with the names and statistics). I have the multilanguage version, generally I install Italian. If I do the installation in English will not have problems with the mod, right?
  4. Wait until both are combined to one in the case if you want to try early use Braat's Final update
  5. What is missing in Langford's mod compared to that of Braat?
  6. The wear of tires was perfectly Modded for Braat's mod
    Langford already said that he needs permission to release the Mod which is combination of Braat and His own
    When he gets you can get the Complete F1 2012 Tire mod
  7. and by the way, if I understand it is going to be released mod complete by Langford.
  8. I saw that as far as the Langford's mod there are news but I did not understand if mods can now be considered complete.
  9. they are complete now
  10. actually doing the installation in Italian I have problems with the names (eg, there is still Barrichello).
    I automatically starts the installation in Italian, do you know if you can start the game, once installed, in English in order to solve the problem of names?
  11. Sorry i don't know how to change the language
  12. If I understand it not to have the problem of names, since the Italian installation, would serve the Italian language file updated this year. right?