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Upcoming Dan Wheldon 77

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Not only do we have a race this Thrusday with the club event iRacing is also doing a tribute race called the Dan Wheldon 77. I would like to ask our members here to share setups and paints with everyone. I for one would appreciate it as I'm sure everyone will.

    If you haven't seen the iRacing official event information already you can find it here:

    You can also signup for our in house RD event here:
  2. Here is a RD paint for the Wheldon race that I have made. It's a modified version of the RD paint that I was working on. The red was changed to black and the RD's on the car now have a black stripe accross them.

    Here is a preview of it, feel free to add or change what you wish to it.


    zip file of the psd and tga file CLICK HERE
  3. nice skin. i will be running a black car this race
  4. Did anyone else qualify for the DW77? I do really hope that people take it easy and don't treat this as a normal season race. Remember what it is all about when you drive tomorrow...
  5. Getting ready to make a qual run at 8:30 EDT.
  6. Well Eric and I ended up in the same split. I got run over on a restart which put me at the back. Made my way back up and there was a wreck in turn three which caused people to stomp on the brakes for no reason and spun themselves, then two cars came down into me ending the day. I really do not understand people. I don't know where the kid was from but something happened and started F-bombing someone. I would be ashamed of myself considering what this race was about...
  7. That's why I don't do iracing races anymore. There are pleny of hosted league sites around to keep me racing with quality drivers. That's too bad, Joe.
  8. The worst thing about it is that this should have been a tribute to Wheldon. F-bombing, really? They should make these events at least B class+, even though many players wouldn't be able to drive it. And it's even bigger problem on ovals, where the speed is high and there's not much space between the cars.
  9. There were guys in there that you could tell were running it for one reason, and that was to honor Dan Wheldon. I think for the most part people were being careful, however it's sad that as in any race some weren't and what that kid did was just childish. I suppose it's the thought of everyone else that counts.

    May Mr. Wheldon find peace and rest in the hands of God and a never ending track. May God also wrap his family in a blanket of comfort and healing......
  10. started 27th without a qualy run. made my way up to 6th until i could not avoid a wreck race over:(.......